Political Notebook

  • Wyss honored by commissioners
    The Allen County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday paid tribute to retiring state Sen. Tom Wyss at its legislative recap breakfast.
  • 3 Democrats to talk taxes
    Democratic candidates for state auditor, a state Senate seat and Wayne Township trustee will have a joint appearance Monday to talk about Earned Income Tax Credit programs and helping low-income Hoosiers file their tax returns.
  • Right to Life PAC endorses candidates
    The Allen County Right to Life Political Action Committee has endorsed local pro-life candidates before the May 6 primary election.

Stutzman files measure to split ag, food stamps

Rep. Marlin Stutzman, R-3rd, announced Monday that he has filed amendments in the House to remove the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – also known as food stamps – from the five-year farm bill.

“Right now, this trillion dollar spending package is a farm bill in name only,” Stutzman said in a statement. “Congress must remove welfare provisions from the farm bill and give taxpayers the honest debate they deserve on both. It’s simple: food stamp policy isn’t farm policy. Yet, most Americans are shocked to learn that about 80 percent of the farm bill’s spending goes to Washington’s out-of-control food stamp program. With our nation nearly $17 trillion in debt, the American people deserve an open, transparent debate and that can only happen when Washington stops playing games with deceptively named spending bills.”

Stutzman, a LaGrange County corn and soybean farmer, told reporters in a conference call Thursday that he planned to introduce an amendment for separating agriculture policy and food-stamp legislation.