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  • Kenner qualified for LaGrange prosecutor
    Greg Kenner is a candidate in the election for the LaGrange County prosecutor. I believe he is the best qualified to be the next prosecutor of LaGrange County.
  • Work share can work for Hoosier workers
    Work share is a positive option for both companies and their employees in times of economic need. It is a voluntary program that allows employers to maintain a skilled and stable workforce during temporary economic downturns.
  • Fear-based economy of benefit to no one
    A squadron of fighter jets screamed through the quiet skies over our garden again yesterday. I suspect I should feel very protected by their presence, but I don’t feel safer.
Gary Varvel l Indianapolis Star

Letters to the editor


Wise words still relevant even after Dadís passing

My dad, Tom Heiny, wrote many letters to the editor. Dad died May 5, and now I write one in honor of him.

My dad was my first hero. He could do anything. He took me aside when I was very young and set me on a course of reaching for the best in life. That teaching never deserted me no matter what I faced. Dad stressed character and modeled a method of fairness that I thought was extraordinary. It so impressed me that I carried it into all my personal and professional dealings as a foundational model.

In these last few years Dad aged with a lot of courage. He faced significant health challenges and limitations. And through it all, he never failed to tell the world how wonderful Mom is and he never failed to say thank you for the smallest courtesy or assistance. What a graceful way to live in a most challenging time.

The last few months I saw peace, love, humor and the angel’s presence in Dad’s eyes. And though I could see that he was getting tired, I could also see that he knew where he was going. The best of who I am is because of what Dad taught me. I could ask for no better father.

I also write this letter with a message. Our times together pass all too quickly. Never take your loved ones for granted. Their gifts and blessings in your life are truly irreplaceable. We can pursue many roads, but in the end it is the quality and content of our relationships with one another that matter most.


Children true victims of food stamp abuses

Your editorial on “The greedy and the needy” (June 6) only scratches the surface of the fraud being perpetrated by some food stamp recipients. While many taxpayers will rightfully complain about being victims of food stamp fraud, the real victims are children of homes where the parent sells a portion of their food stamp allotment for their personal needs.

If it were not for organizations such as Community Harvest Food Bank, where would these scam artists go for their next meal once they’ve used up their food stamp funding? But without Community Harvest and free lunch programs, childhood hunger would be a greater problem then it is today.

By addressing the abuses in the food stamp program, we would be able to further ameliorate malnourishment and starvation among the youth of our country.


Facts donít justify rising gas prices

I don’t see how the price of gas in our community can be priced much higher than in the states next to us. We are not short on gas, so why are the refineries allowed to make more money than when they are running? Is our gas really that much better than our neighbors’?

I just received an email from Tennessee, and their price is $3.13. Does the Huntington bulk plant control the price we pay?

I don’t see why our government is not really shouting like the customers are. But the state loves the increase because they get more tax on each gallon of gas. I guess we need to be happy the way we get screwed each time everyone wants more money. So we need to be puppets and just smile and go on like nothing happens.

The price of gas is $2.82 the last time I checked, and if you add tax and profit it does not come close to what we are paying.


Honor Flight a reminder to honor all service

I am 14 years old and the great grandson and grandson of two World War II veterans who died in 2005 and 2012. I recently heard about the Honor Flights. I have many relatives who have served or are serving presently. I think these flights are well deserved and long overdue. It is my hope that the servicemen and -women who have recently or are serving and sacrificing for our freedoms will not have to wait until they are in their 80s to be honored with a monument or a trip to the monument.

Veterans and their families give up many of their own freedoms so that the citizens they protect can practice the very freedoms they sacrifice. My great grandpa served in the Pacific during World War II, my grandfather served in the merchant marine and Army during and directly after World War II. My uncles and two aunts have served in Honduras, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Korea, Germany, Italy and the Mideast. I have two cousins, an uncle and an aunt serving as I write this.

Although it is too late for my grandfathers, it is my sincere hope that all veterans will be recognized and given the respect they deserve. It is also my hope that my generation will remember and teach the next to respect our flag, protect our freedoms, and honor our servicemen and -women.

Thanks to the Honor Flight donors and organizers for making these trips possible. I hope many Allen County residents will consider donating to this very worthy cause for many of our heroes.


Outdoor vaccinations invited inefficiencies

After seeing articles regarding the health department’s successful vaccination clinic, I had to offer my opinion. The clinic was not run efficiently by any means. Yes, they did well in communications and responding quickly, but if you had sat in your running vehicle for more than an hour (much of which was in the center lane between traffic going both directions), you’d question the efficiency as well. I think the extensive amount of overtime reflects that poor efficiency. The clinic should have been done indoors similar to flu vaccinations, which would have required fewer people and a quicker process.


Littering poor example for Little Leaguers

I take my morning walks to and around our local Little League baseball facilities.

In previous years I have seen a lot of trash left by careless litterbugs. Hard-working volunteers have to pick up after them. I commend them and all who take care of their own trash. About 90 percent of this is recyclable plastic drink bottles and aluminum cans that are headed for the landfill.

It’s time to ramp up the recycling and teach our Little Leaguers and families how, why and the importance of recycling. I would include all outdoor sporting facilities and parks as targets for this recycling effort.