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  • Obama presidency hangs on single, long step
    Anyone with a respect for history knows that sometimes the greatest events pivot on a single man and decision at a critical moment. Now is that moment. Is President Barack Obama the man?
  • Veterans deserve more public support
    I am writing to let people know about the turnout for the Veterans Day parade Nov. 8. It was cold, windy and with a drop or two of rain, but the vets were still there. I was so moved by all who participated.
  • Careless bicyclists a downtown menace
    On Nov. 3, during noon traffic, I was traveling south on Calhoun Street turning right/west onto Douglas Avenue using my appropriate turn signal.
•A letter to the editor published Sunday gave the incorrect dates for George Smith’s tenure as director of the Congress of Racial Equality office in Meridian, Miss. He was director 1964 to 1967.

Letters to the editor

Armed teachers not answer for keeping schools safe

Arming teachers with guns during school hours is not a good idea.

Would the teacher really have enough time to respond if a shooter entered the classroom? According to the Connecticut prosecutor leading the investigation of the Sandy Hook shooting, the gunman killed 26 victims within five minutes of entering the school. Teachers would need to have a loaded gun accessible to be able to stop the shooter in that time frame. Having a loaded gun could lead to numerous problems.

A loaded gun may tempt a curious child to take it and harm himself or others. The teacher could accidentally shoot a child.

There must be a better way to protect students. Posting a trained security guard in every school is one solution. Most importantly, parents need to teach their children to have good morals. Children who show signs of psychological problems should be given help immediately.

Does America really want schools to become war zones?

EMILY ZEIMET New Haven Grade 7

‘Trickle-down’ pejorative does not fit business model

Almost every time I hear or read the phrase “trickle-down theory,” it is being used as a pejorative by a Democrat. Shaw R. Friedman, a former general counsel to the Indiana Democratic Party, in The Journal Gazette on April 27 (“Tax-cut fever’s a bipartisan illness”), uses this politically charged phrase to deride tax cuts proposed both by Republican Gov. Mike Pence and his erstwhile Democratic opponent, John Gregg.

Economist Thomas Sowell says “trickle-down” is not a theory of economics but a political term used to criticize certain economic ideas. Sowell points out that in business the flow of money is just the opposite. The first money invested or earned is paid to employees, then to vendors and contractors. A business owner is not paid until later and only if the business earns a profit. Of course, taxes must be paid before the business owner is paid.

It should also be obvious even to Friedman, whose party claims to champion working people, that when business activity increases, the number of jobs increases. Could it be he and other Democratic Party officials do know this but fear the liberty a good steady job could provide potential constituents?


Politicians receive failing grade when it comes to fixing schools

Hoosiers should commend the politicians in Indianapolis for both their lack of foresight and accountability to their constituents. They have set double standards for education – public education vs. charter schools.

In their infinite wisdom, they decided public education can’t be fixed. So they started funneling money to charter schools. The charter schools do not have the same set of rules as public schools and who knows how they are evaluated.

My sons are products of the public school system and are graduates of Purdue University. The public school system did its job with parental assistance.

Maybe the thing which needs to be re-evaluated is the politicians who are supposedly public servants.

The public school system can be fixed with parental assistance and appropriate funding. Charter schools lack accountability and should not be funded with tax dollars. The politicians are the ones who are failing in doing their job, not the public school system.

PAT MCGEE Fort Wayne

US rushing into moral darkness

Our nation at the highest levels rejoices at the news that an NBA player admits his involvement in homosexual behavior.

In addition the morning-after pill is made available to girls as young as 15, encouraging sexual behavior.

Instead of rejoicing we should rather be weeping as our once great country founded on biblical principles accelerates our headlong slide into immoral darkness.

A wise man said “We think we break God’s laws, we don’t, we break ourselves on God’s laws!”

The United States of America seems bent on proving the truth of that statement.