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Web letter by Peter Herman: Second Amendment guarantees First Amendment’s survival

It is glaringly apparent that Frank Gray’s column of April 30 – “With risks, why even carry a gun?” – was based purely on his opinions and not facts based in serious research. His opinions reflect well what the liberal media do with unswerving dedication; spin the facts and repeat the lies to suit their own personal agenda.

Emotions seem to trump logic in these tumultuous times. I was amused at Gray’s question to (one) police officer as well as Chief Rusty York: “Why go to the kind of place where you think you might need a gun?” One officer just chuckled with York replying that (illegal) gun ownership cases are turned over to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, who can level federal charges with stronger sentencing.

If people like Gray would actually do some serious research, they might find an overwhelming number of police officers who support the right to carry a gun as well as encourage it. Gray asks the question: “Why not go to a nice place where you don’t need a gun?” How about a school? Perhaps a shopping mall? A movie theater? All nice places, right? I’m sure all those “no guns allowed” signs will keep law-abiding citizens safe from those who demonstrate a strong ability to disregard the law.

Gray continued with his suppositions: “…(S)ome people carry guns for no good reason at all, other than maybe it makes them feel tough.” I’d like to see Gray produce evidence of this. As far as no good reason at all, how about the Second Amendment for starters? Recent history is replete with accounts where a gun has not only saved the life of the defender but those of other innocent people. I’d be thrilled to provide such evidence if Gray needs reasons why people want and need to carry a gun.

Gray would do well to read what occurred in the Warsaw Ghetto during the Nazi regime. It might answer some of his questions. Ask England and Australia how disarming the people has worked for them.

Perhaps people like Gray need to live and work in a place where guns are not allowed. By his reasoning, you don’t need a gun in Chicago as none are legally allowed by the citizenry making it, as Gray would describe it, a “nice place.”

Too many guns? No business carrying a gun? Perhaps the readers need to stop buying this newspaper due to his not so nice words many do not agree with. I think Gray would be the first to shout, “Hey, you can’t infringe on my First Amendment rights.” The reason we have a First Amendment is because it is defended by those with guns.


Fort Wayne