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The Journal Gazette

Tuesday, May 07, 2013 3:02 am

Quotations of the day

By The Associated Press

"We have consistently, in our conversations with the Russians and others, pointed clearly to Assad's behavior as proof that further support for the regime is not in the interest of the Syrian people or in the interest of the countries that have in the past supported Assad," - White House spokesman Jay Carney as U.S. officials hope to persuade Russian President Vladimir Putin to support, or at least not veto, a fresh effort to impose UN sanctions on Syria if President Bashar Assad doesn't begin transition talks with the opposition.


"I knew it wasn't a good scene. I figured with all that fire that they were gone, man. There were just so many flames. Within maybe 90 seconds, the car was fully engulfed." - Limousine driver Orville Brown after five of nine women celebrating the wedding of a newlywed friend, were killed by flames that erupted in the luxury car.


"This is amazing. This is a celebration. I'm so happy. I just want to see her walk out of those doors so I can hug her." - Kayla Rogers, a childhood friend of Gina DeJesus who along with two other women were found alive in a Cleveland home after they went missing separately about a decade ago.