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  • Radical GOP messing up US
    It is hard to understand when we hear Republicans may take over Congress. This is the party of do-nothing. What have they done except be against everything? The name of Barack Obama is anathema to some.
  • House GOP agenda oozes insincerity
    The recent assertions by Indiana House Republicans of their 2015 legislative “agenda” aren't parts of an agenda at all.
  • Mediocre Massa should be tossed
    I encourage Hoosiers to vote “no” on retention of Judge Mark Massa on the Indiana Supreme Court. We need to strengthen that bench.


No ‘illegal immigrants’? What labels are next to go?

On April 2, the Associated Press announced that it is banishing the phrase “illegal immigrant.” It argues they should instead be labeled “undocumented workers” or “undocumented immigrants.”

We must next quit calling those who sell illegal substances “drug dealers” and instead refer to them as “unlicensed pharmacists.” Then we must quit calling radical Islamic extremists “terrorists.”

Meanwhile, we must continue to call those who make lots of money and pay enormous amounts of taxes “greedy,” “not paying their fair share,” “oppressive,” “privileged” and “uncaring.” We must also call those who want to maintain the sanctity of marriage, protect unborn children, punish criminals, support the constitution, go to church and pray in public places “religious extremists,” “bigots,” “prejudiced” and “unfair.”

Do I sound somewhat angry, cynical or extreme? I hope so, or you missed my point.


Stutzman values NRA over voters on gun buyer checks

I thought the people of northeast Indiana elected Rep. Marlin Stutzman to represent us, but I am wrong.

More than 85 percent of people in Indiana want comprehensive background checks to include gun shows for people wishing to buy a gun. The checks are supported by 87 percent of Republicans and 74 percent of NRA members, according to a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll.

Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association does not want background checks. Stutzman is opposed to requiring more screening for those who want to buy guns (, Jan. 11). I can only conclude that Mr. LaPierre’s opinion is more important to Stutzman than the people who elected him.


‘Entitlement’ poor choice

A Saturday headline from The Journal Gazette states that entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare may be cut by the president. These accounts are not entitlements; people pay taxes into them on each paycheck. Upon retirement, people are not entitled to them; they have the right to them.

An entitlement is something that has no ready infusion of money, such as food stamps and the WIC program. These entitlements siphon off money from Social Security and Medicare.


Take back neighborhoods from scourge of violence

Our community, although one of many churches and good people, helping and caring for each other, has felt pain, darkness and loss due to gun violence and godless behavior.

When my twin brother and I were born, our parents began to build our first family home on East Cox Drive, just a block south of Paulding Road. For the first two years, we lived on Central Drive. These were in the southeast part of town.

When I learned to drive, I wanted to revisit tree-lined streets in neighborhoods I loved, where kids played freely, rode bikes and ate ice cream together. Today, sadly, I am afraid to be in those areas, on those streets.

I still see the value in neighborhood schools and love seeing parents and grandparents holding hands with kids, seeing them off or returning from school. Recent homicides tear at the fabric of our city. This isn’t who we are. We are better than this.