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Hoosiers bounced from ‘Senate Madness’

Both Indiana entrants in the “Senate Madness” tournament were one-and-done.

MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown” recently set up NCAA basketball tourney-style brackets for 65 notable past members of the U.S. Senate, complete with four regions (or eras, in this case), seedings and a play-in contest.

Senators advance according to online public voting in which respondents are asked to select the more influential of two lawmakers in any matchup.

In the opening round of the 19th Century era, No. 1 seed Daniel Webster, a Whig from Massachusetts, defeated 16th-seeded Albert Beveridge, R-Ind., while No. 4 seed Sherman Douglas, D-Ill., beat No. 13 seed Daniel Voorhees, D-Ind.

As with the men’s college basketball tournament, there have been a number of upsets in Senate Madness.

Losers so far have included No. 3 seeds Barry Goldwater, R-Ariz, and Hiram Johnson, R-Calif.; No. 4 seeds Strom Thurmond of South Carolina (a Democrat who became a Republican) and Joe McCarthy, R-Wis.; and No. 5 seeds Huey Long, D-La., and Oregon’s Wayne Morse, a Republican who became an independent and later a Democrat.