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  • Fossil fuel dependence demands attention
    For months now we have dealt with arguments pro and con regarding the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline.
  • Democrats in denial about election results
    The liberal big media along with Democrats are trying to nullify the results of the Nov. 4 midterm elections by saying that Americans want Republicans to work with President Barack Obama.
  • Obsession with Ritz an insult to voters
    Should the state superintendent be appointed instead of elected? Absolutely not. I don't recall anyone throwing a temper tantrum when Tony Bennett was elected.

Letters to the editor

Pay higher taxes; lower crime rate

I moved to Fort Wayne in 1981. I raised my family here. My wife was born and raised here. It is a great place to raise a family.

I was raised in Arkansas but came here from New Jersey. I immediately realized that Fort Wayne, as Arkansas, ran about 20 years behind the East and West coasts in many arenas of life. That adds to its allure in raising a family here.

This is changing now because we are seeing the effects of drugs, gangs and lack of respect for human life that those places have experienced for a couple of decades. Some would blame it on video games or other similar things. No, it is just finally coming our way and we are seeing it firsthand. It is only going to get worse. The shortage of police officers will make it more evident as they are more stressed to meet even more crimes and murders.

I don’t like tax increases. With the shortage of firefighters and police officers, coupled with what I see as an increased demand for those services, we need to have the insurance of protection those services bring. So, tax me more.

In return, I expect a higher conviction rate on crimes and more arrests. I want a return on my tax dollar. Mostly, I want an end to the killing of people in our city.


Stutzman not with public on guns

Rep. Marlin Stutzman is out of touch with his constituents who are not tea party 9/12ers.

Hoosiers revere family, God and hard work. We all don’t have small arsenals or use AK-47s to target shoot. We uphold the Second Amendment, but it’s not something we all worship.

Indiana has a militia; it’s called the National Guard. We have well-trained professional police agencies in our cities, counties and state. Stutzman should spend his time finding a way to continue funding these agencies instead of creating initiatives and forums to keep guns more accessible to the individuals creating the violence in our city.

It’s not just the mentally challenged killing and wounding people. It’s thugs, gangs and domestic abusers. President Obama’s aggressive gun-control campaign is not based on misinformation and is not infringing on freedoms of everyday Americans.

Some 91 percent of Americans want stricter background checks, and Hoosiers are among that percentage.

The National Rifle Association is a lobbying group that contributes to political campaigns and incites turmoil in the minds of the paranoid and extremists.

Stutzman and his NRA friends should visit the area in Fort Wayne where families are being torn apart and have thoughtful, effective discussions about guns. Or maybe it’s just easier to write letters to Beretta or shoot varmints on the farm.


Apostrophes long missing in U.S.

Your commentary “Dotting Their t’s, Crossing Their i’s” (March 22) addressed a proposal in Great Britain to ban apostrophes from street signs.

In this country, the proper spelling of place names is dictated by the United States Board on Geographic Names. Established in 1890, the board established a policy banning apostrophes from place names in 1894, immediately wiping out 1,665 apostrophes across the country. Since then, many requests have been made each year allowing an apostrophe in a place name, but all such requests (except for four) have been declined. A notable exception is Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. That is why the official name of the St. Marys River is not St. Mary’s River.

I did enjoy your ironic spelling of “apostrophe’s” as the plural of apostrophe, as well as other subtle punctuation errors.


Feral cat colonies offer protection

It would behoove Scott Shady (“Focus on feral cats misdirected,” March 14) to volunteer at HOPE for Animals. We need to do our homework before criticizing HOPE for everything they do for our community and our animals.

Fort Wayne needs to acknowledge that even Indianapolis has provisions and protection for feral cats. Colonies for feral cats are popular in many cities. They provide shelter, food, water and medical care. Colony keepers take turns caring for the cats.

Feral cat neutering is indeed humane and effective. The cats are healthier and happier. Five years ago, I experienced my first trap-neuter-return. The three cats are still fat and sassy. It takes cooperation, commitment and compassion for this to happen.

Have you ever held a kitten or rubbed a cat’s belly? Did God have euthanasia in mind when he breathed life into these kittens?