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  • Radical GOP messing up US
    It is hard to understand when we hear Republicans may take over Congress. This is the party of do-nothing. What have they done except be against everything? The name of Barack Obama is anathema to some.
  • House GOP agenda oozes insincerity
    The recent assertions by Indiana House Republicans of their 2015 legislative “agenda” aren't parts of an agenda at all.
  • Mediocre Massa should be tossed
    I encourage Hoosiers to vote “no” on retention of Judge Mark Massa on the Indiana Supreme Court. We need to strengthen that bench.


Repairing our economy will require some pain

Imagine if you had a credit card and kept piling on purchases month after month, year after year, until your outstanding debt balance exceeded any rational limit. Your creditors would be on you. That’s the good ol’ USA in a nutshell; just biding time until the piper comes calling.

We need to get serious about this crisis. We can’t pretend that, by keeping interest rates at an artificially low rate near zero (and, by the way, destroying the savings of the elderly/retired!) and printing money to stimulate the economy, all will be fine.

Is there a real interest/effort to get our financials back into perspective? I don’t see it. President Obama certainly is unconcerned, as is most of his base. The Republicans say let’s do it, but like so many on both sides of the aisle, it depends upon whose ox is getting gored.

Can we tax hike our way out of this? I say, no way. Financial capital will leave for greener pastures, and those who invest will do so elsewhere.

The answer is simply that this country must face the fact that we can’t expect to continue down this path indefinitely. Something has to give – either we wake up and get things in order or events/outside influences will do it for us … and we won’t like it!

RICH POLK Fort Wayne

Fenced deer hunts tantamount to murder

On March 22 The Journal Gazette published the story of the plan to bring back the ugly fenced hunting of deer, with lawmakers even accepting funds from deer farms to accomplish this disgraceful act. What satisfaction or pride could any normal human being receive by killing a trapped animal? It’s a clear description of murder. Also, not many realize there has been a special exception made for the fenced farms now in existence. Please contact your elected officials to urge them to not permit this sordid bill to be passed.


Declining school districts need to re-evaluate

This is in response to various articles concerning House Bill 1381. HB 1381 would ban school districts from accepting only the brightest transfer students while turning away those with special needs, low test scores and minor disciplinary problems.

While I agree this could be a problem, there is more to it than districts choosing students who will or will not be accepted into receiving districts. It is all about money.

The bigger issue is: Why are students choosing to leave urban districts to attend rural districts? Rather than letting our state government dictate another item that should be decided locally, those crying foul should step back and look at what can be done to keep in-district students from leaving.

Another issue that makes no sense to most citizens, me included, is how the state funding is set up. How can the state justify spending $13,000 per student, continuously, at a school on academic watch or probation and graduation rate of 70.80 percent? Look at the three Wells County school systems collectively. The three-year average spending per student is $9,217 as of 2010-11 with a graduation rate of about 93 percent. This makes no sense to me as a taxpayer.

Don’t cry foul if things don’t go your way. Step back and hit a three-pointer next time down the court.

CHRIS SMITH Liberty Center