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    Indiana’s historic year reason to be grateful In America’s first Thanksgiving Proclamation in 1789, George Washington expressed thanks for “the peaceable and
  • EPA proposal threatens energy, economic futures
    Indiana's environment is cleaner than it's been in our lifetimes. But such substantial progress here and in other parts of the country is not enough for the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Ruling elite yet again subverts public's will
    It didn't take them long to figure out a way to get around our “no” vote on the referendum, did it? They are going to appoint a committee, just like Gov.


No accountability for Iraq war

On the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war, millions of citizens from around the world want accountability for the catastrophe in Iraq. According to a recent article by Paul Savoy, former dean of the John F. Kennedy University School of Law and prosecutor in the New York County District Attorney’s Office, “The only truly serious question about the war is whether President George W. Bush and those who participated in the decision to invade Iraq did anything illegal or unconstitutional or criminal.”

Savoy outlines the case against the former president and concludes, “If President Bush knew he had no constitutional authority to go to war, then he knowingly broke the law and a properly instructed jury would have little difficulty in finding him guilty of murder.” Alternatively, Savoy concludes that a jury could find him guilty of criminally negligent homicide based on Bush’s ignorance and lack of due diligence.

The horror and cruelty of the Iraq war demand a thorough public hearing. Trials for those who caused this ongoing suffering would be a major step toward healing including our own very damaged nation. Many questions would then follow the likely conviction of George W. Bush.


Clock is ticking on mounting debt

To all who think government deficit spending is a must for a healthy economy, please visit Please take a minute to look at all the flashing figures. Pay close attention to the upper left hand corner of the clock. Watch the U.S. national debt figure increasing as fast as a ticking clock. Every U.S. citizen is responsible for $52,933 of this debt, and if you actually pay taxes you are responsible for $147,487 of this debt. When do you want to start paying off your portion?

After seeing this clock, do you still believe the U.S. can afford to continue deficit spending from here to eternity? A famous person once said, “Figures don’t lie but liars do figure.”

DENNY BRAGG Huntertown

Gun control can be achieved

Cold facts: More deaths come from guns than auto accidents.

Politicians can help lower these statistics by mandating:

1) Federal background checks for everyone who purchases a gun, every time a person buys a gun and has a gun license with a picture ID.

2) Bonding of everyone who buys a gun to cover the cost of the damage/loss of life from the use of a gun, intended or not. The mitigation of losses caused by guns is as important as the mitigation of losses caused by motor vehicles.

3) That gun buyers must pay up front for the damage that a gun can cause. This does not infringe on Second Amendment rights.

Rep. Marlin Stutzman (and most other politicians) know the cold facts and he says he wants “thoughtful discussion,” but can he work to put words into actions that will save lives instead of helping to oversee the destruction of lives?

Or is he just paying lip service to the growing voices who want to see change?


Government modern slave master

I recently attended the Fort Wayne 9-12 meeting. The guest speaker was Emery McClendon and he showed a documentary entitled “Runaway Slave.”

The theme of the movie was that the Washington Plantation has become the new black slave master, thanks to Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, with a boost from the NAACP.

It reminded me of what the white man did to the Indians – except the Indians have their casinos.

I strongly recommend this movie. It matters not if you are black, white or red. It depicts the reality of collectivism, when the government becomes your sugar daddy and puts you on the reservation or in the project or in a government-mortgaged house. The bureaucrats own your soul and will do to you what they will – just as slave masters have always done.

Me? I would rather be free – just like Thomas Paine.

TERRY L. SMITH Columbia City