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Web letter by Neil Farr Sr.: Republicans on path to political suicide

The ink on the 2008 inaugural papers was not even dry when one of the nation’s highest-ranking Republican officials said: “This president must fail.” His party has tried by every means possible to make this happen. The anti-Obama messages have been never-ending, and any and all legislation (including some that was cosponsored by them) has been voted against. Four years later they lose the election and they still just don’t get it. They have become the party of no.

Their most recent efforts have resulted in a travesty of financial overhaul. They use a $400,000 benchmark as a reference point. They have shown who they favor and who they legislate for in D.C. If $250,000 is the middle class level, then most of us have lived our lives in poverty and didn’t know it. We have become the “little people” who are just obstructing their way of life. I have watched this scene unfold for almost 80 years, and it is apparent to me that they need a change of direction or we are going to witness what I term “political suicide.” It will only take one election to send them home.

Make no mistake, there are 535 people in Washington who have control over these issues, and if they did their job, we wouldn’t be facing many of the problems we now have. They have the audacity to call Social Security an entitlement. This is money that you and I have put in the pot for our retirement, and they have spent it on their pet programs. Bernie Madoff is in prison for much the same. The difference is not that great when you look at it.

I paid in to Social Security for 55 years, and I can guarantee you the amount I am getting back is about one third what it would be per month if I had that money in an investment fund of my own. That is a sobering thought in itself. Congress has its own setup on retirement, insurance, etc. They play by a different set of rules than their constituents.

It is high time we remind them that they work for us, not the other way around. When have any of them offered to reduce their wages, in view of the economy? They have an automatic annual increase and at the same time put all Social Security raises on hold in 2012. We get a meager raise this year, but increases in Medicare will eat that up and then some.

Change is coming, and it must come in order for this country to get back on track. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? The choice is yours.