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Last updated: March 27, 2013 11:56 p.m.

Urban legend, video

Justin A. Cohn
The Journal Gazette

There was some buzz on the internet that Komets president Michael Franke had blasted the Norfolk affiliation in the second intermission interview on WOWO, during the 3-2 loss tonight.

I just listened to it ... and it doesn't exist.

He does take some shots at yours truly, though, however I would add that members of the Komets' organization (the general manager) said they were unprepared for what has gone down in the ECHL (just last weekend on WOWO).

The following is a transcript of most of what Franke said tonight (and make sure you check out the game recap video above):

"This is not something we're used to. We're used to making the playoffs every year. It's discouraging. But it is what it is. I will say this: Our biggest thing that we have to figure out in the offseason is why this team didn't play well at home. … Our home record is embarrassing, atrocious, deplorable ... and we take that personally. It's not acceptable. There needs to be more pride at home. I can't think of another place that you would want to play with than the great fans of Fort Wayne.

"I will refute those that say we didn't realize what the ECHL is all about. That's not true. That's crazy. We studied it very closely and started the season 7-2-1 and were on a roll. We were vying for first place in January. … A lot of things happened to those team in late January and early February. Quite frankly, we just didn't compete some nights with teams we played. There was an inferiority complex this team was garnering because, in part, of some of the players we lost.

"Fort Wayne, Kalamazoo, Wheeling, Orlando, we are going to end up with more points than two of the teams that make the playoffs. That's something as a league we need to discuss. … Hopefully we can garner more teams in the West to even things out. It's important to send your best teams to the playoffs.

"Wouldn't it be great to get Indinapaolis in this league in 2014 when the building is done there?

"We're going to hone in on our own backyard this summer and make sure our affiliation is right and that we get some more size and speed in here. Hopefully it will be a better season. When you've got 23 teams."