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  • Many factors influence our changing climate
    Many scientists subscribe to the global warming theory (now called “climate change”), but science is not determined by consensus but by facts.
  • Take full advantage of preventive screenings
    The pink of breast cancer awareness month has faded away, but that doesn't mean we should become complacent about the prevention, detection and treatment of breast cancer – or any other cancer, for that matter.
  • Violence victims deserve a holiday
    After observing another Veterans Day go by, I was happy to see how this holiday has positively progressed over time. A lot of TV commercials had messages honoring our vets.

Letters to the editor

Bloom wisely blocks vote changes

The plan to abolish the Allen County Board of Voter Registration and put the duties under the majority party control of the clerk of the courts has failed.

Linda Bloom should be commended for her stalwartness as she withstood the strong accusations of flip-flopping and standing in the way of progress by her fellow Allen County commissioners, Nelson Peters and Therese Brown. The motion failed because of the unanimous vote required.

This action should forestall in Allen County the voter suppression movement that has surfaced in many other counties and states.

Our present bipartisan co-directors and employees of the voters’ registration office have served voters well with a protective policy of balance and efficiency as they prepare for the countywide election next year.


Embrace Wells County wind farm

Throughout the world, there are about 200,000 wind turbines generating electricity from one of nature’s abundant, clean and renewable energy sources, the wind we every day take for granted. It is difficult to travel nowadays without observing these graceful, futuristic turbines that are much more appealing than the ugly, stinky, acid rain- and smog-producing coal-burning power plants that have overhung the landscape for more than a century.

Wells County has been offered an opportunity to embrace the future of power generation through the proposed construction of the Wells County wind farm. Although there has been turbulent opposition by some, I believe benefits to the local economy and the long-reaching health of our children and grandchildren far outweigh the protesters’ exaggerated claims.

I strongly urge County Council members to vote to approve the project on April 9.

RICHARD D. FLOYD Wells County landowner Richmond, Va.

Rapists’ coverage too sympathetic

I’m really displeased with the coverage of the Steubenville, Ohio, rape trial. Some of the major media outlets have been portraying the rapists as victims.

We live in a world already colored by rape culture; the last thing we need is to have the media perpetuating it as an acceptable thing. This wasn’t a case of “he-said, she-said”; there was documented proof of the events of that night, both from the defendants and other party-goers. When pictures and videos and literally thousands of text messages can confirm that the boys did something so grossly wrong and the media still try to spin the story to make them look like kids who didn’t know the difference between good behavior and bad behavior, something is very messed up.

They’re being forced to register as sex offenders for life, which in my opinion is a really good thing, but the spin makes it sound like these boys did something on legal par with underage drinking and are going to have their lives ruined as a result.

I was 17 not too long ago; 17-year-olds know exactly what they’re doing. I would not feel safe knowing that those boys were allowed to walk away from this when they became legal adults.

I’m tired of the media backing the rapists instead of the victims. I applaud The Journal Gazette for its fair and balanced coverage of the trial.


Benefits few in Keystone project

I am totally opposed to the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline project. It represents pollution – and the potential for disaster – in its worst form.

Even the State Department’s report to the president admits that the potential for accidental spills is real and frightening. America needs no more pollution, particularly corrosive tar sands from Canada.

The United States won’t benefit from any resulting oil production; few workers would gain more than short-term employment; and from north to south, the U.S. would be bisected by a pollution bomb just waiting to despoil America. The negatives far outweigh any potential benefits. The answer to the Keystone XL project must be a resounding “no.”


Victim’s criminal history irrelevant

I think it is shameful The Journal Gazette felt the need to add details of Jacqueline Bouvier Hardy’s criminal background to a March 21 news story. This woman tragically lost her life. Her past and her life struggles had absolutely no relevance to the story. It was disgusting and disrespectful to air the dirty laundry of this woman, may she rest in peace. Is this a respectable newspaper or a tabloid? Stick to the facts of the story and leave the gossip to teenage girls. I have lost all respect for The Journal Gazette.