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Web letter by Judith Ross: Reject progressive plot that is constitutional convention

Freedom needs to be protected but how looms large on the horizon today. Much is being said about the need to rewrite the Constitution. Some are advocating that the Constitution is outdated for today’s complex society. Others are saying no, if legislators, judges and presidents would just follow the wise words as they were written by the founders, we would be fine.

Even low-information voters will have to admit that the Constitution hasn’t truly been followed for many years. Our Constitution has been twisted, reinterpreted, ignored, perverted, hung out to dry, contorted, tweaked and on and on and on. As a result, government has gotten bigger with no end in sight.

So what are the options for controlling this? Tea party types say: “Just follow the Constitution.” But the legislators say: “No, can’t do that – progressives won’t like me and will not vote for me next time.” Tea party types say: “But in the long run our country will be better off.” Progressives say: “I don’t care about our country; it’s all about me right now.”

Tea party types believe that the 10th Amendment should be used to control the federal government’s unconstitutional mandates and excessive spending. State legislators say: “No, the Constitution has been ‘reinterpreted’ to say that the Supremacy Clause, Article VI, trumps states sovereignty or state’s rights.”

So what is to be done and – more importantly – how it is to be done is vital as the status quo is horrible. Enter state legislators such as Sen. David Long. Tea party types do not support the call for an Article V Amendment Convention, even in these dire times. It is the strong belief of tea party types that this will result in a runaway convention trashing the Constitution and rewriting it according to the framework already set in place by progressives and ready to be implemented.

Progressives who claim that they just care about helping the poor, minorities, young people and women aren’t really that interested in their well-being but just in how will they get their vote in the next election. The Patient Affordable Care Act wasn’t necessary; it was thrust down the throats of all Americans. There has always been some type of health care (not necessarily insurance but health care) for all these groups of individuals.

Conservative tea party types believe that life is precious, the family is central to the overall well-being of Americans, everyone deserves a job according to their abilities, everyone deserves housing also according to their ability to pay. Education needs to be focused at the local and state levels, not with the federal government. I believe This is the majority of Hoosiers today and not the liberal-minded, big-government philosophy of the most progressives.

I would suggest our friend from Warren (Michael Driscoll, “Constitutional convention plan panders to tea party interests,” March 11) educate himself before slinging the slanderous remarks about groups of people he has no idea who or what we are judging by his elementary opinion letter.


Fort Wayne