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Published: March 24, 2013 8:00 a.m.

Math4Knitters, Crafty Living: Show 168

Lara Neel

Swikar Patel - The Journal GazetteCAT

I actually use two microphones to record on Skype.

Helene Magnusson and I chat about Iceland, her yarns, research and books.

- Helene's website: The Icelandic Knitter

- Iceland Academy of the Arts

- Icelandic Knitting: using Rose patterns (from shoe inserts!)

- Love Story Yarns

- Icelandic Handknits

- Icelandic sheep have a dual coat.

- Lopi Sweater history.

- Helene's knitting tours.

- Helene's webzine.

- Norwegian Handknits

- Swedish Handknits

- Voyageur Press

- Herd in Iceland