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    We have started down road to totalitarianismWith a judge now reversing the gay marriage ban in Indiana, it will be interesting to see the eventual result of this action.
  • Rosy Fed scenario not so for seniors
    Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen stated as published in the July 2 Journal Gazette that she does not see any threats to the economy as interest rates remain low.
  • City should not pay for time spent on unions
    Regarding “City Council delays contract vote” (July 2), the overall concern is that the city is paying the union officials to do union business.

Web letter by Margaret Beck: Slash federal salaries, personnel to balance the budget

There’s been a lot of talk about a balanced budget in Congress. There have also been several federally funded programs that have been in the forefront of the talks that would help cut the budget – namely Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Here are a few ways that I’ve thought of and I’m sure many others have, too. First, decrease the yearly salary down to $10,000 for each representative. That puts the budget at $435,000 for that entity. The president, vice president, Cabinet members and Supreme Court justices would come to $250,000. Total those two figures and you have $685,000. For 450 people’s salaries, that’s not bad.

Then you can eliminate all clerical personnel except for four secretaries, two for government business and two for personal business – to be used by the president and vice president. (The first lady could do her own letter-opening and letter writing just like most of the other citizens of the country do.) They could draw $7,500 a year, and that would be $30,000 more, which would add up to $715,000. These figures are looking pretty good to this taxpayer.

This way, I know I could afford to have staunch, upright, honest and moral people stand in my place. After all, isn’t that why they are elected?

Also, cut out the agents who are following former presidents around and you save a bunch more. Keep the agents, but put them to work catching the crooks who are on the loose. Or put them to work helping in Homeland Security. The more eyes there are, the fewer 9/11s or school shootings we’d have.

Let those aforementioned personnel purchase their own health insurance, like most citizens do. If they have left office, they’re covered by Medicare and Medicaid, just like regular retired citizens. We all want what’s fair, and how much more could we do to make things fair?

I receive a small retirement from my job along with Social Security. I don’t receive a lot, but it pays my bills with a little left over. If I, as one person, can do it, why can’t a bunch of intelligent people, who have a lot more schooling in finances do it?