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Saturday, March 23, 2013 3:01 am

Quotations of the day

By The Associated Press

"Whenever there's a cave-in at any of the mines, you hold your breath. Coal is very powerful, and Mother Nature is very powerful." - Huntington, Utah, mayor Hilary Gordon, speaking after a cave-in at a nearby coal mine killed one miner and injured another.


"You could tell, even last night, just everyone saying `nerd, geek, whatever, whatever, whatever.' All that stuff, they keep saying it and, yeah, it's a joke. But I think eventually people will realize that even though you go to Harvard, you can still hoop." - Houston Rockets point guard and Harvard alum Jeremy Lin, on his alma mater's first NCAA victory.


"I'm keeping my expectations low because I don't want to be disappointed. It's hard to believe these powerful officials will be charged. We're waiting for them to be jailed - only then will I be satisfied." - Douglas Medeiros, whose girlfriend died in a Jan. 27 nightclub fire in Brazil that killed 241, responding to the news that criminal charges could be filed against top officials who failed to close the club despite safety violations.