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  • Letters
    Outdoor seating wouldbenefit art museumFort Wayne has a wonderful art museum. We are truly lucky that the building plan is a good one and that the exhibits range from a variety of local, national and global sources.
  • Sustained push needed to enact term limits
    It is good to hear that there are other people interested in term limits for all our elected officials (See John W. Watson letter on Nov. 16).
  • Let's maintain progress in reducing smoking
    The American Cancer Society's Great American Smokeout on Nov.20 was about helping people addicted to tobacco make a plan to quit.

Letters to the editor

Donít forget south side market

The South Side Farmers Market, 3300 Warsaw St., has been in existence since the late 1920s. The market is open every Saturday from April through the third Saturday in December.

There have been many businesses that have come and gone over the years. Fort Wayne has a farmers market that has weathered economic turmoil, survived and will be open for the 2013 season starting April 6.


Obama should pull a reverse Reagan

Ronald Reagan was an actor in Hollywood and decided to run for president of the good ol’ U.S. of A. He surprised us all and was a great president. We all benefited by his acumen and the changes he made.

Our current legislators forget. They were born Americans and are arguing over sequestering. President Obama should become an actor – a position he is already good at.

Don’t ever forget, this is your country. You are an American: first, last and always.

TOM HEINY Fort Wayne

Evils of the non-nuclear family

As I see the world changing about me, I have to stop and say that not all change is good. Some fundamental good things remain good and fundamental things that are evil stay evil.

The family with a married mother and father committed to one another and to their children is good. Marriages can have their trials, and the couples who work together to overcome those trials and stay together are considered to be working toward the good. Married couples who look to each other for their strength to stay committed can survive the pull of the world that tends to draw them apart.

If we begin to redefine life’s most basic unit of the family supported through marriage, we jeopardize one of our most basic goods. Over time, society has stood by while marriage has been weakened through casual commitments, divorce, couples living together outside marriage, casual sex, pornography and now a movement to somehow call a relationship of sex between two men or two women a marriage.

I say enough is enough. We must take back and strengthen marriage and its purpose and the good things that matter – for everyone’s sake.


Leadership remains greatest crisis

In his State of the Union address, President Obama proclaimed we had “cleared away the rubble of crisis. …”

We have not emerged from the rubble. We are a nation that still finds itself in the path of crisis.

We remain a country where the unemployment rate stands at a level far greater than that of before 2008.

Our troops remain gathered on a war front that has witnessed thousands of American deaths and has brought our nation into the longest-standing conflict of our nation’s history as we have earnestly but futilely tried to build and restore a nation state that resists our efforts and resents our continued presence. Other nations pose a growing threat, both in North Korea and Iran. There is potential, against an overcommitted military and a nation increasingly not having the resources to play as a world power, for an emerging series of foreign policy crises.

And we are witnessing the continued struggle to bring our nation’s fiscal house in order.

Yet the most serious crisis, perhaps, is the lack of leadership, seen from the White House to Capitol Hill to the canyons of Wall Street and beyond to the boardrooms of our nation’s largest companies.

We have not seen an end to our nation’s various crises, and there clearly is a need to clear the rubble.


NRA makes a dream come true

Now that the National Rifle Association has gotten the necessary votes to make it possible to have any special kind of weapon you want, my dream has come true at last. I have always wanted a cannon.

I understand the NRA has a stockpile of cannons from the Civil War. Most come with cannonballs. I already have several assault weapons; some are placed at the outside doors and by a few windows. Other, smaller ones are under the bed pillows in the bedrooms.

The cannon will be set up next to the driveway and aimed at the acreage that has been preserved for shooting deer, bison, foxes, rabbits and various duck varieties. The sight of the cannon will discourage those hunters who have not checked in for shooting licenses.

Please excuse me, the front doorbell is ringing and I must see who it is: Good guy or bad guy.