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Web letter by Laura McCann: Pence’s outside influences worrisome

A national conservative group is stepping in to help Gov. Mike Pence. “Americans for Prosperity” is helping push through legislation here in Indiana.

“Americans for Prosperity” sounds so patriotic, so American and so conservative. Not really! “Americans for Prosperity” was launched by the oil billionaire brothers, Charles and David Koch. These brothers have been known for fronting special interest groups to work against any initiatives or protection for workers and workers’ environments. The Koch brothers have used their billions to fight unions, health care, stimulus money, a fair tax structure and cutting corporate loopholes. They are on record for bribery of foreign officials, trading with Iran, stealing oil from Indian reservations, lying on emissions reports; the list goes on. This is the kind of help Pence thinks he needs to enlist to help further his agenda. The Koch brothers’ 2012 budget in slanderous ads was reported to top $100 million dollars.

They are coming to Indiana to help push through Pence’s tax plan. These new extreme Republicans want to cut taxes to a level that will not support entitlements, including Medicare, unemployment insurance, Social Security and funding for college grants.

Beware of groups with such patriotic names and a lot of flag-waving. Citizens United is another dangerous extremist group. Do not be fooled by the word “Citizens” in the title. They have no regard for the average citizen. This group puts big business first.

Their lawsuit, Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission, proved where their loyalties lie. This case grants corporations the same First Amendment speech protection as you and me. Corporations are now considered to be a person – only corporations have millions of dollars to drown out our voices, the voices of true, hard-working American citizens. This case has opened the floodgates of million of dollars spent on TV ads in favor of what is good for their special interest.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, one of my favorite Republicans, believed in Social Security, unemployment insurance, labor laws and openly said the party was at risk from “wealthy oil millionaires.”

As a registered Republican, what has happened to my party? Where are the Ronald Reagans or the Eisenhowers?