Political Notebook

  • Pence taps city native for key post
    A Bishop Dwenger High School graduate was one of four deputy chiefs of staff tapped by Gov. Mike Pence last week. Sean Keefer will serve as deputy chief of staff of executive branch agencies.
  • Messer wants GOP leadership position
    Another Hoosier seeks a leadership post with the U.S. House Republican caucus.
  • Lugar Series taking applications
    The Richard G. Lugar Excellence in Public Service Series, a political leadership development course for Republican women, is taking applications for its next class until Aug. 1.
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Indiana Gov. Mike Pence attends an event in South Bend.

Pence salary hits new height

INDIANAPOLIS– Gov. Mike Pence is now the highest-paid Indiana governor ever – with a salary of $111,687.

He doesn't even make the most in his own office, though. His chief of staff brings in about $125,000. Many other state and legislative employees also have higher salaries as well.

When Gov. Mitch Daniels took office in 2005 his salary was $95,000.

Legislators later changed the law to increase the governor's salary at the beginning of every term by the average amount of increases received by state employees over the previous four years.

State Auditor Tim Berry said Daniels was eligible to take a pay raise in 2009 with the beginning of his second term to $107,881. But that was a time when state employee salaries had been frozen, and he and other statewide officials announced they would not take an increase while state employees were unable to receive a bump.

Employees then received an increase in 2011, so Daniels' salary jumped in August of that year to more than $107,000.

This year Pence's salary was hiked by the amount of increases state employees received over the past four years, so the current salary is now $111,687.88.

This will remain his salary throughout his first term in office.

A 2009 Council of State Governments report found the average governors salary nationwide to be more than $131,000. The lowest was in Maine at $70,000. The highest was in California at $212,000 though it since has been reduced.

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