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Friday, March 08, 2013 3:02 am

Quotations of the day

By The Associated Press

"We have decided to prepare the body of our `Comandante President,' to embalm it so that it remains open for all time for the people. Just like Ho Chi Minh. Just like Lenin. Just like Mao Zedong." - Vice President Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela's acting head of state, after announcing Hugo Chavez's body will be preserved and forever displayed inside a glass tomb at a military museum.


"Are we really going to pass another law that will have zero effect, then pat ourselves on the back for doing something wonderful?" - Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, the No. 2 Senate Republican, after the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to toughen federal penalties against illegal firearms purchases.


"They increase North Korea's isolation and raise the cost to North Korea's leaders of defying the international community." - U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice, after the U.N. Security Council approved tough, new sanctions against North Korea for their latest nuclear test.