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  • Letters
    Goliath can be laid lowin 3rd District race Goliath was a giant with heavy armor. David was young with five stones.
  • Letters
    Goliath can be laid lowin 3rd District raceGoliath was a giant with heavy armor. David was young with five stones. Most believed Goliath would win the fight, but David did.
  • Pence overstepped with his CECI foray
    I was amused at the letter from Jackie Dowd and Claire Fiddian-Green (Oct. 6). They claim that not only did they meet the reversions requirement but exceeded it.


Interstate commerce key to nationís cohesion

Did Indiana’s state senators skip social studies and government classes? Have they forgotten what any high school grad should know? The Senate vote to call for a constitutional convention to amend it so Congress cannot tax or control interstate commerce would paralyze our nation.

Do they not understand that interstate highways were built with tax dollars to facilitate commerce among states? Do they not know that our national electric grid shares power across state lines? Do they think the money for national defense falls out of the sky over D.C.? Do they not want safe air travel in the U.S.?

The countries of Europe discovered they could not compete in a global economy without fair trade among their countries. Does the Indiana Senate think that 50 separate states can function like 50 countries? That is why the nations of Europe formed the European Union. They did it to control commerce and trade in a fair way. That is also why they have joined as allies.

Wake up, Indiana; it is the 21st century. We can’t survive in a global economy on Indiana’s natural resources. I am not ready to give up orange juice or avocados or gasoline just yet.


Statue incompatible with Courthouse ideals

More than 200 years ago, Gen. Anthony Wayne’s forces led attacks against American Indians. As a result of these and other battles, and a series of deceptions through multiple treaties, 3 million acres of Indian lands was “ceded” to the United States – including the land on which the Allen County Courthouse stands. The Indians were eventually forcibly expelled from their native lands (what are now Indiana and Ohio) and sent to live on reservations west of the Mississippi River.

Our magnificent Courthouse building is the embodiment of justice in Allen County. Those who built it inscribed on its exterior – below the faces of Miami Chief Little Turtle and Shawnee Chief Tecumseh – the words “Law hateth wrong.”

Moving Wayne’s statue onto Courthouse land would be a travesty of justice and compound a great wrong.


Drug tests for welfare are a proven failure

I am appalled at our General Assembly wasting time and money trying to pass a bill to drug test welfare recipients. This has already been tried in Florida. Guess what? It was a failure.

The Miami Herald reported that the plan (which cost Florida taxpayers $118,140) turned out to be so expensive that it ultimately cost the state an additional $45,780 – even after savings from benefits that were denied to applicants who failed the tests. The New York Times reported that “only 2.6 percent of applicants did not pass the test – a rate three times lower than the percentage of estimated illegal drug users in Florida, and that the Florida law requiring drug tests for people who seek welfare benefits resulted in no direct savings, snared few drug users and had no effect on the number of applications, according to recently released state data.”

Additionally, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals on Feb. 26 upheld the temporary ban on requiring drug testing of Florida’s welfare system because “the state of Florida hadn’t shown a ‘substantial special need’ ” for such mandatory drug testing.

This is a very expensive and time-consuming process that will cost the taxpayers of Indiana a substantial amount of money that we know doesn’t work.

Our General Assembly and governor really need to concentrate on important legislation that is positive in nature, fixes our failing infrastructure, and assists in attracting people and jobs to our state.