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  • Fossil fuel dependence demands attention
    For months now we have dealt with arguments pro and con regarding the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline.
  • Democrats in denial about election results
    The liberal big media along with Democrats are trying to nullify the results of the Nov. 4 midterm elections by saying that Americans want Republicans to work with President Barack Obama.
  • Obsession with Ritz an insult to voters
    Should the state superintendent be appointed instead of elected? Absolutely not. I don't recall anyone throwing a temper tantrum when Tony Bennett was elected.


DNR’s argument for closing Pigeon River campground rigged

The Department of Natural Resources wants to close the campground at Pigeon River, citing cost and low camping numbers as the reasons.

When you look at the 90-plus degree days and fire restrictions (no campfires), sure, numbers are down. What the DNR is not telling people is that camping numbers were down all over the state. Why aren’t other campgrounds the DNR runs shutting down?

Why was the water turned off Sept. 30 last year, a day before bow season started? Bow season is one of the busiest times for people to camp there. Did they intend to keep the numbers down by turning off the dump station water?

The other factor they do not tell the public is that they receive all the funds to operate the property from just hunting, fishing and trapping licenses and a tax on outdoor sporting goods; no money comes from year-end or property taxes.


Bible can guide our great nation back to its founding principles

After reading the book, “The Real George Washington,” how could I ever forget what he did for our nation?

As a general in the Revolutionary War, his armies, although outnumbered, fought the British courageously. After eight years of bloodshed and the deaths of thousands, the war was won with the help of France and “The Great Author,” as Washington often called God. He was then asked to be the first president of the United States. The Constitution they was framed out of much thought for freedom, liberty and justice for all.

What can we do today as a peace-loving people to keep this nation under God and the Constitution as it was framed?

My opinion as well as yours means little outside of God’s word, but here’s my opinion on the basis of God’s word.

If more than half of our voting-age people truly hate crime, violence and immorality such as this nation has never seen before and truly want to see it curbed as much as is possible, there is a way it can be done. If carnally minded people can have laws passed to have the Bible and God taken out of schools and other places, then spiritually minded people can have these laws repealed.

This may take more faith than the majority of our nation has, but your faith can overcome the world around you.

If we would follow the Constitution the way our Founding Fathers formed it, one nation under God, then we would see the Bible available to people before as well as while or after serving in jail.


Obama’s policies split country by creating a class of takers

The Peter Principle is the belief that, in an organization where promotion is based on achievement, success and merit, that organization’s members will eventually be promoted beyond their level of ability. The principle is commonly phrased, “Employees tend to rise to their level of incompetence.”

Anyone who follows President Obama’s actions would agree that he is a classic example. When things get tough in the Oval Office, Obama jumps in Air Force One and goes to make a speech, one that any community organizer would be proud of. His most recent inaction was flying to Las Vegas the day after four Americans were killed in Benghazi, including our ambassador to Libya, to have a fundraiser.

Obama won a second term simply because the liberal Democrat’s policies have enlarged the barrel of takers while the barrel of makers continues to diminish due to the economy. I am retired and take what I paid for in Social Security and Medicare. But as Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said in a letter to Obama last year, Obama is creating a nation of deadbeats. Those who get the free money will continue to vote for those who give them the free money.

Either these people are totally ignorant of our failing economy or simply feel they will continue to drain the cash cow until the cow dies. Take a look at the riots in Europe where the cash cows are dying. What a shock these people are in for.