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    Indiana’s historic year reason to be grateful In America’s first Thanksgiving Proclamation in 1789, George Washington expressed thanks for “the peaceable and
  • EPA proposal threatens energy, economic futures
    Indiana's environment is cleaner than it's been in our lifetimes. But such substantial progress here and in other parts of the country is not enough for the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Ruling elite yet again subverts public's will
    It didn't take them long to figure out a way to get around our “no” vote on the referendum, did it? They are going to appoint a committee, just like Gov.


Hunting-fishing amendment reveals party’s hidden agenda

Wilson Lutz’s letter of Feb. 12 (“Hunt-fish amendment doesn’t go far enough”) is on the right track but doesn’t go far enough in adding protected activities to the state constitution.

If we are going to have a state constitutional amendment protecting the right to hunt, farm and fish, we certainly need an amendment protecting our right to walk and our right to breathe. What about eating, standing, sitting and reading the opinion page of the paper? This being Indiana, what about the right to play basketball? And brushing our teeth is important ... flossing, too! Those two need an amendment making us do them; just ask my dentist.

The legislature is indeed going to be busy, and we are going to have one very long constitution if the sponsors of this amendment get everything covered that is as important as hunting, farming and fishing.

Or maybe this nice little constitutional amendment isn’t as innocent as it looks. Maybe it doesn’t reveal all they really intend. Is this a way to elevate the rights of big confined animal feeding operation farmers to pollute; to elevate rights of hunters so that reasonable gun laws would somehow not apply as they should?

Watch carefully, Indiana. While the fox is guarding the henhouse in our legislature, they will come up with legislation that can have a hidden agenda and very undesirable consequences. At very best this is an unnecessary distraction. Legislators need to return to serious functions of our state government and quit wasting time with frivolous activity.


Albion Lions unite around goal of a community splash pad

The Albion Lions Club has identified the need for a safe, family-oriented summer recreation for children and families in the Albion/central Noble County area. The Albion Lions Club is leading a united community project called Operation Splash Pad to meet this need. This project is to fund and construct a splash pad in an Albion park. Although the splash pad is part of the Albion Park Department’s master plan, a limited budget prevents its realization. In the fall of 2012 Lions Club members met with the park board and presented the idea to construct a splash pad.

The park board and Lions then received approval from the Albion Town Council to begin the fundraising campaign. The Noble County Community Foundation is providing their important not-for-profit umbrella and tax-deductible donation coverage to assist us with the project.

The Albion Lions Club is requesting your support of Operation Splash Pad with a donation to help fund and construct this splash pad for the children and families of our area. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

BRADY TRUEX President, Albion Lions Club

Lawmaker’s motives questioned unfarily regarding voting bill

I have never written a letter to the editor before, but I felt compelled to respond to your Feb. 13 editorial, “A fraud on voters.” All states have some form of a residency requirement in order to vote there. Most require as a minimum that the prospective voter obtain that state driver’s license and automobile registration along with proof of actual occupation of a residence for some minimal period of time before they can qualify for voter registration. This editorial suggests that simply payment of premium out-of-state tuition by college students should abrogate Indiana residency requirements. In my opinion this is nonsense. Votes should not be for sale to anyone at any price.

Passage of HB 1311 will not disenfranchise anyone. There is no reason that college students cannot obtain absentee ballots from their states of legal residence. Millions of people use absentee ballots in every election. Perhaps the various colleges could provide assistance to their students to obtain the absentee ballots. If the schools offered this type of assistance, it is possible that more students would be inclined to participate in the electoral process.

To suggest that the sponsor of HB 1311 is doing so simply because of the propensity for college students to vote Democratic is ridiculous and suggests a certain bias in your editorial process.