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  • EPA proposal threatens energy, economic futures
    Indiana's environment is cleaner than it's been in our lifetimes. But such substantial progress here and in other parts of the country is not enough for the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Ruling elite yet again subverts public's will
    It didn't take them long to figure out a way to get around our “no” vote on the referendum, did it? They are going to appoint a committee, just like Gov.
  • Outdoor seating would benefit art museum
    Fort Wayne has a wonderful art museum. We are truly lucky that the building plan is a good one and that the exhibits range from a variety of local, national and global sources.


Resurgent anti-Semitism demands our vigilance

Someone, maybe Elie Wiesel, said: “Anti-Semitism is a light sleeper.” Well, today in Europe and the Mideast, this ugly cancer is not sleeping at all.

A recent London Times cartoon featuring a big-nosed Benjamin Netanyahu hovering over a brick wall keeping an anguished Palestinian out disturbingly reminds me of how the Nazi campaign began in Germany. What started as cartoons ultimately led to violence and tragedy.

The cry “never again” becomes insincere considering that for the first time in more than 60 years, there are political parties that require members to be of “Aryan origin” and have full-armed and open-fisted salutes. They have logos that resemble the swastika and call for a census of Jews. Admittedly, none has great power – but neither did Adolf Hitler in 1928.

Worldwide economic problems with millions searching for jobs provide a fertile field for these hate-mongers, so we must be vigilant and stem this lava-like flow of hatred.

As Holocaust survivors become fewer, there will be few who will recognize the new groups emulating the policies and ideology of those who murdered their families. Europeans, above all, should remember how Nazism destroyed Europe – not just the Jews alone.

So it is in their self-interest and ours too, to legislate against hate, discrimination and racism with rigid enforcement and punishment, along with teaching tolerance.


Lawmakers on pace to void constitution

I hope the majority of Indiana voters understand what the proposed right to hunt, fish and farm amendment could do to their rights as a home or property owner. If a large poultry, hog or cattle operation were to build near your home on land zoned for this purpose by officials influenced by stupidity or by means other than your vote, you might have no legal recourse.

If we continue to write these types of laws and amendments, we will end up voiding the entire constitution of the state of Indiana, reverting back to the old law of my gun is bigger than yours and I’m a better shot (newer law: my gun holds more bullets than yours).

State legislators must get control of their senses. Do we really need all these nuisance laws they generate? Maybe we should limit legislative sessions to two weeks a year so they wouldn’t have time for so much garbage and be such an embarrassment to us. But then, they are politicians, aren’t they?


New slogan canít hide pro-abortion agenda

Planned Parenthood has launched a “re-branding” propaganda campaign. In stead of “pro-choice,” it will promote “reproductive justice,” a catch-all code for abortion, free contraceptives and even gay marriage. Their true agenda is to abort as many babies as they can, pocket huge abortion profits and keep our tax dollars flowing into their coffers. Their new slogan, “Care. No matter what” should be “Kill. No matter what.” Do not be taken in by fancy wording.