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Support violence victims at One Billion Rising

One billion women and girls will be beaten, raped, abused (which includes emotional and verbal as well as physical or sexual abuse) or trafficked this year. One Billion Rising, a revolution of dance and movement, is a way to unite people from around the world to focus attention on this humanitarian crisis. On Feb. 14 women of all generations, ethnicities, identities and ability and the men who love them will gather at Parkview Field to dance. There will be brothers cheering them on and dancing beside them.

Male Survivor Inc. reports that one in six men will experience sexual abuse in their lifetime. The scenarios are similar to the abuse of women. Brothers who are the one in six are called upon to dance and support their sisters.

Men who love their mothers and sisters are called to join us. Men who love their wives, partners, friends and daughters are called to put on their dance shoes. Men who want their sons to grow up to respect women are urged to model their caring for women by joining us at Parkview Field. Feb. 14 at noon is a time for brothers to step up and support their sisters. So if you can dance, join us. If you are like me and cannot dance, join me in dancing badly for a good cause. Or simply come to clap and cheer on Fort Wayne’s contribution to One Billion Rising.


Immigration reform counter to GOP, business interests

As long as Republicans are the majority in the House, nothing will pass in the way of immigration reform that in any way does away with the illegal working population. After all, who hires illegal aliens? Rich Americans have their illegal nannies; rich Republican business owners – and I’d bet a few Democratic business owners as well – have their illegal workers. And which party is it that is doing its best to undermine wages and labor rights by passing the euphemistically entitled right-to-work laws?

As long as there is a class of people in this country who insist on unregulated self-interest and profit regardless of societal cost, there’s no way this country will pass any law that in any way disturbs our underclass of illegal workers. Don’t look for any chance of that happening until the current trend of right-to-work states is reversed significantly.

It’s all about money here in the good old USA, folks.


Using funds on neighborhoods should be Henry’s legacy

I have been involved with our neighborhood association trying to improve the lives of residents and help keep the fabric of our neighborhood where it is right now – trying not to lose any more ground to the decline of the infrastructure.

I have heard from more than one city department that “we don’t have the money” or “that is not in our budget” or – my favorite – “you should have been at the public meeting if you want to get on ‘the list’ ” to have that done. When did getting sidewalks, curbs and streets fixed get so hard with so many lists to get on and hoops to jump through?

It is no wonder not many people get involved with city and neighborhood programs; the bureaucrats wear you down, the elected officials wear you down and then say you should have been at the meeting with the consultant that we had six months ago on that subject.

The mayor has a great opportunity to show leadership and to help save the neighborhoods or at the very least make a difference in the lives of the residents of Fort Wayne by using the Legacy Fund to fund projects within the neighborhoods and parks throughout the city and just not in the downtown area. Mayor Tom Henry’s legacy would be as the mayor who cared for the people who elected him.

It is time for someone to ask one question: What will be the legacy of the Legacy Fund?


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