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Web letter by Samuel A. Baker: Eye-for-an-eye punishment would restore missing respect, consequence

People are all up in arms to take away semiautomatic weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips to help stop shootings. A politician recently said that doing away with semiautomatic weapons and larger clips will reduce the amount of people who can be shot. So even with that comment, the politicians know it will not stop the slaughter of people – just slow it down. So what is being gained by this? Not one darn thing.

Let’s take a look at the root cause of what goes on in shootings. I can sum it up in two words: respect and consequence. These two words are what is missing and need to be corrected to curb this violence.

When I was growing up, my parents taught me those two words. If you showed no respect for people, there was a consequence to pay – and I would not like it.

So the people who get shot and killed or wounded had their rights taken away in a split second by someone who made a bad choice. Now the guilty party who still lives has rights and most time lives out the rest of their life in prison with a roof over their head and three meals a day and medical treatment free of charge paid for by the taxpayers. What is wrong with that picture? And what respect is that for the people whose lives and rights were taken away?

So with that said, it should be that if the shooter had no respect for human life and removed the victims’ rights, then the consequence is at that point they also gave up their rights and the shooter just gave up his life also. An eye for an eye, as they say. It’s like there is no fear anymore; if they do something wrong, they know they will be well taken care of in life. That should stop and change, and it might really help curb this stupid violence.

As far as semiautomatic weapons and large clips, I do not understand why they ever were allowed in the first place to own. I am an avid hunter and used to shoot in competitions. I had a chance to fire some of those weapons, and I knew there was no need to own one. I’ve never seen a squirrel hunter out with an assault weapon and 30-round clip hunting.

The news media are fueling this surge for people to buy guns, and it seems everyone has forgotten what caused this – the jerk on the trigger.

Everyone needs to stop, sort out and deal with the true root cause the shooter. They gave up their rights when they pulled the trigger and took away some else’s rights.