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Divorce filings

Allen Circuit Court

Hunter – Matthew and Lizabeth

Winters – Donald and Norma

Burke – Jacob and Theresa

Satterfield – Joel and Andrea

Clover – Terry and Kimberly Adams

Murphy – Marry and Terrence

Swygart – Benjamin and Karissa

Nancarrow – Christopher and Maria

Dennis – Robert and Melissa Swogger

De Silva – and Alexis Smith

Rice – Jeffrey and Dedra

Allen Superior Court

Gates – Meghan and James

Johnson – Denise and Willie

Wright – Franklin and Tania

Niedens – Tamara and James

Carillo – Beatriz and Salvador

Bottiglia – Michelle and John

Rader – Staci and James

Nemeth – Mitchell and Michelle

Smith – GG and Matthew

Shelton – Chantal and Anthony

Ortega – Kayla and Shane

Lloyd – Bryan and Valerie

Divorce filings are provided by the Allen County Clerk’s Office. For information, call Terri Richardson, 461-8304 or email trich@jg.net.

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