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And Another Thing

Associated Press

A few random Media Day thoughts

Well, Super Bowl Media Day has come and gone again, with all the requisite clowns on unicycles, hand-puppet journalists and little dogs dressed as ballerinas and the like.

So, on with the autopsy:

* This week's Story That Won't Go Away is obviously the Ray Lewis/deer antler spray bit, in which the Ravens' soon-to-retire linebacker either did or didn't treat his torn triceps with a natural substance that contains a substance banned by the NFL, IGF-1.

Maybe it's just PED fatigue, but (to quote Sports Illustrated legend Dan Jenkins) there two things I don't do regarding this story, and both of 'em are care.

OK, sure, I get that this stuff, if Lewis in fact used it, contained a banned substance. But primarily, deer antler spray is described as a natural anabolic hormone that stimulates muscle growth -- or, in this case, accelerates healing of damaged muscle tissue.

So if Lewis used it, what's his crime? He was trying to heal too fast?

I guess I'm either missing the point or ignoring it, but if he was, in fact, using it, it was for medicinal purposes, not to enhance performance. And I frankly don't have a problem with that.

Personally I think if you're injured you should be free to explore any treatment you want that promotes healing. Because healing is, after all, the goal -- and as far as I know, the NFL hasn't yet put a limit on how well or quickly you're allowed to do that.

* Shocking development of the day: No one asked Lewis about the white suit.

(And, yes, I am being facetious.)

* Is there anything weirder than seeing guys like Eddie George and Deion Sanders sticking microphones in players' faces like any other media schmoes?

* Biggest media mob surroundin g irrelevant players: A tie between Alex Smith and Randy Moss.

* Although Moss did get off the sound bite of the day. Something about being the best receiver of all time.

I think that was in response to a question from Jerry Rice.

(And, yes, again I'm being facetious).

* Amazing how much one Media Day looks like every other Media Day. Photos from the Superdome looked exactly like Lucas Oil Stadium last year.

* Still wondering what was up with all the Niners flashing their Popeye arms. Media Day morphs into gun show.

Perhaps the NRA put them up to it.

* I see the goofy superhero guy from NickToons, Pick Boy, was back on the job again Tuesday. Wrote about him last year.

* Also see South Side grad Bernard Pollard got one of the featured player booths and wasn't exiled to the stands. Comments about pro football as we know it being dead in 30 years continuing to get lots of buzz.

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