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Letters to the editor

Stutzmanís values not Hoosier values

If, God forbid, an F5 tornado leveled downtown Fort Wayne, would our own congressional representative vote for government aid to help rebuild the homes and businesses lost? The answer isn’t obvious.

On Jan. 4, Rep. Marlin Stutzman was one of only 67 members of the House to vote against emergency funding for those devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Eleven days later, he doubled down on his parsimony, again joining the minority in voting against a comprehensive recovery plan to get families back into homes and to open the doors of businesses destroyed by the superstorm.

Is Stutzman simply against government helping taxpayers whose livelihoods are destroyed by natural disaster? As foolish and immoral as such a position would be, we might at least congratulate him on sticking to his principles if he truly believed this.

But he doesn’t. In March of 2012, Stutzman signed on to a letter asking President Obama to give government aid to southern Indiana communities damaged by tornadoes. Stutzman is all for government largesse when it helps people in his own backyard but against it when others could use a hand.

So Stutzman probably would lobby for federal aid to rebuild Fort Wayne if the need arose. I guess we should be thankful for that. But we should be ashamed to have our representative not represent our values. Selfishness, short-sightedness and hypocrisy are not traits I associate with Hoosiers. Yet those are precisely the values Stutzman has displayed in representing us.

Sadly, we will have to live with this unrepresentative representative for two more years. Fortunately, we can then choose someone who does embody the basic decency of the folks in Indiana’s Third Congressional District.


Parking ruins view of window displays

I would like to know why with all the time, money and work spent on the displays in the windows in the Old Indiana Hotel on the Harrison Street side, cars were allowed to park in front of them. Some of these displays look like they came from the old Wolf and Dessauer windows; they sure brought back lots of memories.

People with disabilities and the elderly who cannot walk down the sidewalk and want to view these windows and can only do so from a car cannot even see them due to cars parked in front of them. Yes, there are parking meters all along in front of these windows, and when events are going on at the Embassy or the Grand Wayne Center this is close free parking. But it is not fair to the people who put the time and effort into doing the display, and it sure is not fair to the people who would love to see it, like the 92-year-old lady we took to see all the beautiful Christmas displays.

The parking meters on Calhoun Street have covers over them a lot that say “no parking today,” so why can’t they do that at night for the few meters in front of those windows, just over the Christmas holidays when everything is so pretty?

SUE BECK Fort Wayne

Guns will save us from government

I find it incredulous that so many people have no understanding of the intent and importance of our nation’s Constitution to our individual freedoms. Everyone sounds so willing to give up our rights in this futile attempt to secure safety.

We already have strict laws on who can own or possess guns. More gun laws will simply keep honest and law-abiding people from owning guns that otherwise might have protected them or someone else. The people who want to commit crimes, whether drugs, robbery or murder, will continue to obtain illegal guns while the rest of us are forced to hide in a closet. Police will continue to use high-capacity magazines after any new laws, simply because the threats to their lives will continue to exist – just like the threats to our lives.

And self-protection is only one aspect of the right guaranteed under the Second Amendment. The major intent of this amendment was to provide citizens a means of protection against a power-hungry and tyrannical government. This has occurred all over the globe during this last century. It does not have to happen in America.

Does anyone honestly think that our present government could not quickly become overreaching, judging by its past performances? Any president who would even think of defying the constitutional separation of powers provision and unilaterally instituting strong anti-Second Amendment provisions by executive order is someone to be watched.

A disarmed America is a dead America. Citizens must demand that the government only pass laws that honor the Constitution.