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  • Cheers& jeers
    CHEERS to everyone involved in making the Honor Flight on Oct. 1 a day I will never forget.
  • Cheers& jeers
    CHEERS to everyone involved in making the Honor Flight on Oct. 1 a day I will never forget.
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    City needs to think big to attract more visitors If Fort Wayne really wants to attract out-of-town guests and do something great around our rivers, we need to think outside of the

Web letter by Michael Ort: Misinformation renders ‘gun control’ debate useless

As I perused the Jan. 12 paper, I found a piece that was truly enlightening. It concerned a 6-year-old boy who was suspended from school for pointing his finger at another child and saying “pow.” All parents of this future mass murderer’s classmates should be truly indebted to the alert administration that acted quickly to keep their kids safe.

I was just as saddened and outraged by the events in Newtown, Conn. as anyone who values human life could be. I do not profess to have an answer to the violence that is all too prevalent in our society. I have found some enlightenment in the repeated arguments by many self-appointed “experts” who believe that banning all guns should result in a utopian world where all evil would suddenly vanish. I have learned, however, that semi-automatic rifles are apparently really “machine guns.” Any weapon that has a black finish is actually an “assault weapon,” and that any magazine holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition is actually a “high-capacity clip full of bullets.”

I suppose that my proper response to gun ownership would be to feel a need to defend my views on the subject. However, I would just like to ask several questions of all those who would force their cure for all human evil on those who own weapons of any consequence.

•Your spouse finds that the car will not start after a shopping trip to the mall. It is 9 p.m., dark and the tow truck driver is a concealed carry permit holder. Do you A. accept his assistance or B. condemn him for being a “gun nut” and call another wrecker?

•After a 6-inch snowfall, your parents’ neighbor, John, brings his snow blower and begins to help dig your parents’ driveway out. Oh, goodness, John belongs to the NRA? Well, obviously, you wouldn’t want an irresponsible gun fanatic near your parents, now would you?

•Your child’s soccer coach owns an AR-15 that he uses in competition marksmanship matches. You had better rethink your child’s choice of recreation, right? After all, you know that gun ownership automatically breeds violence, now doesn’t it?

It is worth mentioning that the Chicago banned ownership of all handguns in 1982. There were 500 homicides in Chicago last year. Gun control has certainly worked for them, hasn’t it? Banning weapon ownership worked equally well in mid 1930s Germany. Prohibition of alcohol was another splendid idea, wasn’t it? Hmmm, you say that didn’t work either?

Since you can’t be certain whether that person in line in front of you at the cash register is legally armed, what can you do? Right, wave your paranoia like a flag and demand somebody do something about this outrage.

Along with the aforementioned 6-year-old boy, we await our much-needed psychiatric counseling because we obviously have violent tendencies, and know that all of you who disagree with us will save both society and us from ourselves.


Fort Wayne