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Web letter by David E. Cooper: Indiana Democrats’ actions likely to drive more Hoosiers to GOP

The Opinion page of Jan. 15 carried a lengthy article by Rep. Scott Pelath, D-Michigan City. It is clear the representative meant well, but there are some glaring statements in his opinion.

Pelath claims “we have entered into a brave new world in the political arena.” Perhaps he has, but those of us who have been around awhile see nothing “brave” about a political arena. Those of us who have served the United States in combat situations know what “brave” means. Politics ain’t brave.

He claims that “House Democrats need to look ahead and recognize our obligations to the people of Indiana.” The only obligation any elected official has is to protect and defend the Constitution. That’s it.

He states his wish that the power of government “not shift far from the center.’ As long as there are elections, power will be what it is. One party will have a majority, and one party will have a minority, and they will forever blame the other one for being evil and hating women, children and old people. Then, if they do not get their way, they will just walk out and go to another state and hang out, holding us hostage.

He dwells on the middle class a lot in his article. He states: “They also have not done as well as others.” In a constitutional republic, that is the way it is. Socialism cannot work and make everyone equal in our system of government. Otherwise, we would all have the same income, the same clothes, the same cars. There has always been lower, middle, and upper incomes since time began. It will always be that way. You cannot socialize us all to equality. So what if our housing is not that of Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago or New York? You cannot compare us to them.

And talk about being squeezed? Government rules and regulations the reason we are being squeezed. Who does Pelath think is paying for all the emergency room visits? Who is paying for all the handouts? The more Pelath and others legislate, the more the middle class is going to get squeezed. So they should stop legislating and start cutting.

Pelath makes reference to the Affordable Care Act. I have a bound copy of that legislation. Not only is there no authorship credited for it, there was no reading of it ahead of time by those who passed it. The Affordable Care Act is so massive and intrusive it will at some future date destroy the United States of America, if no other reason than we simply cannot pay for it.

Then Pelath goes into the blame game. That darn Tony Bennett. He even blames him for “wanting our children to become experiments or science projects.” What do you think the Department of Education is doing to them now? They have been science projects for decades. Why do you think so many religious schools, home schools and alternative education centers have popped up? Once you get the government out, the kids can learn, and maybe even pray or say the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. My school did that when I was growing up. And just think, there were no school shootings. Even though we all had guns, unregistered at that.

Pelath says: “People deserve a break from political exploitation of their fears and emotions as we work to rebuild our economy.” His entire article is based on just that. Fear and exploitation. Blame the other guys. We, the Democrats, know what’s best for you. Those damned Republicans, why, they just want to help the rich. He says as much in his closing paragraphs. He says in the third to last paragraph he will “help to do what is best for the people of our state.” How does he know what is best for me? Because he is a Democrat? And the most insulting statement he makes is in the second to last paragraph. He says, “When we believe they (meaning the Republicans) are misguided or misinformed we will critique them.”

I am glad The Journal Gazette printed Pelath’s piece. If what he says is what the Democrats intend, then there will surely be stalemate in the Indiana Legislature this year. And if he means what he says then I hope more people become conservative Republicans and never allow the like of B. Patrick Bauer to control anything in Indiana again.