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Village issues 6,600 speeding tickets – in a month

Dan Sewell

Associated Press

Traffic cameras are aimed on Vine Street in Elmwood Place, Ohio.

 ELMWOOD PLACE, Ohio – If you feel the need for speed, better steer clear of the Cincinnati-area village of Elmwood Place.

 Since installing traffic cameras, Elmwood Place has issued citations at a rapid pace. Police say there were 6,600 in the first month, or three times the number of village residents. And a reported $1.5 million in fines has been levied since two cameras began operating in September.

 The blitz of $105 citations has roiled the economically struggling village for months. There have been petition drives, calls on social media to boycott the village, and a lawsuit that alleges constitutional violations.

 The police chief said the automated system has already made the village safer because speeding has plummeted.

 Arguments in the lawsuit are scheduled to resume Thursday in Hamilton County court.

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