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The Journal Gazette

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 7:53 pm

Drug gang nabbed in 16 killings near Mexico City

The Associated Press

A drug gang was responsible for the dismemberment killings of 16 people just west of Mexico City over the past 10 days, prosecutors said Wednesday.

The latest six cut-up bodies were found early Wednesday in the city of Toluca. They were wrapped in plastic bags like the other victims found since Jan. 14. All were allegedly lookouts or informants for rival gangs.

Toluca, just west of Mexico City, is the capital of Mexico State, and had been largely been spared Mexico's drug violence.

The public safety secretary of Mexico State, Salvador Neme, said 11 people were detained for the killings, including a teenager.

Neme said the gang of killers was led by an army deserter who said he worked for the La Familia drug cartel.

The cartel once dominated neighboring Michoacan state, but is now fighting other gangs for control of the area.

All of the victims had supposedly been killed at a cemetery outside of Toluca and dumped in groups or singly, in vehicles or on roadways.

The killings come at a sensitive time. President Enrique Pena Nieto, the former governor of Mexico State, has pledged to recalibrate the fight against drug cartels in a bid to reduce drug violence.