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    NIPSCO juggles numbers to disguise true costs NIPSCO announced recently that it expects heating bills to drop this winter by about 4 percent (”Heating bills likely to drop this
  • Misleading numbers no basis for campaign
    Beverly Zuber, the Wayne Township assessor, has always encouraged her staff to take an active role in educating the public by thoroughly explaining the process to taxpayers who visit our office, speaking at neighborhood association
  • St. John’s committee tackles Ebola relief effort
    The Oct. 12 Journal Gazette article regarding our efforts to evoke a response from Fort Wayne to the Ebola crisis in Western Africa is most appreciated. However, the article read like the fundraiser was a personal activity.


Gun control inadequate solution

If we take away all guns, it will only be from law-abiding citizens. Criminals, gangs and drug cartels will still find a way to own and use guns. Our judicial system must be willing to prosecute and incarcerate these lawbreakers.

The monster who committed the school shooting could have had the same or more devastating results using a hammer and two gallons of gas. We have a greater problem with people who are mentally disturbed but allowed to run free in our society. Guns don’t kill people – people kill people. Let’s get them under control, and a large portion of these atrocities would soon disappear.

I do not want to be completely disarmed with no protection for my family. Police reaction time is usually not fast enough to prevent the criminal from causing loss or bodily harm and be gone before police arrive.

We spend countless hours and millions of dollars on gun control with inadequate results. We must accelerate our programs to get the mentally disturbed off the streets. To do one without the other would be pure folly and economically unrealistic.


Annexation benefits hard to see

It’s been a few years since my subdivision (Whispering Meadows) in Aboite Township became part of Fort Wayne. Besides increased taxation, I would like to comment on other “benefits” we have received.

Fire protection: The city built a new station about a mile from my house. The old firehouse was about 2 miles away. I do not remember any fires in the neighborhood before or after annexation.

Police patrols: From what I observe, city police patrols are the same in our subdivision as sheriff’s deputies prior to annexation. This is sparse.

Snow removal: In the last snowfall it was about three days before city plows came to our subdivision. By then snow was packed down and became solid ice. Plowing did no good. A day or so later when the ice melted, the streets were basically dry. Snowplows drove around looking for something. Before annexation, the subdivision hired independent contractors, who were johnny on the spot when flakes started falling.

Streetlights: It took me three calls and three weeks to get a burned-out streetlight repaired.

Aqua Indiana water: I know the city is taking action, but I will believe it when it occurs.

Citilink: No standard bus route service in our area. I don’t understand why Metro Fort Wayne is served and we are not.

Perhaps someone can add some “benefits” to my list or tell me what I am missing.


Aqua Indiana ‘crisis’ an invention

I have lived in Aboite Township since 1997 and have never had any problems with water supply or quality, even under the former Utility Center. Now all of a sudden our mayor has invented a big problem with supply and quality due to a single unusual event last summer caused by a break in a main at the same time as high demand.

I keep reading exaggerated stories of corroded appliances, rusty water and more. This may have been true under the old Utility Center but has little credibility today. What the mayor conveniently ignores is how the city is going to pay for the utility – higher taxes or higher rates, take your pick.

Acquiring Aqua Indiana would also result in the loss of some $800,000 a year in property taxes; who is going to make that up? If Aboite water users become part of City Utilities, they are likely also getting stuck for paying for the city’s legacy obligations in upgrading wastewater discharge to the tune of millions of dollars.

Finally, I feel much better knowing my water comes from underground aquifers than from river water polluted by runoff of fertilizer, pesticides and who knows what else.

The mayor’s proposal reminds me of the old saying, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.” Good luck.