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The Journal Gazette

Monday, January 21, 2013 5:33 am

US-born Israeli parliamentary candidate in trouble

The Associated Press

A U.S.-born candidate for Israel's parliament could be disqualified from the race after a TV channel aired footage of him appearing to call for one of Islam's holiest shrines to be "blown up."

Jeremy Gimpel holds the No. 14 spot on the pro-settler Jewish Home list for parliament and has a reasonable chance of getting elected in Tuesday's vote.

Speaking at a Florida church in 2011, Gimpel introduced a scenario in which the golden-topped Dome of the Rock was "blown up" and in its place the cornerstone of the third Jewish Temple was placed.

He told the crowd "it would be incredible."

The compound is sacred to both Jews and Muslims. Gimpel says his comments were a "joke."

Israel's election committee said Monday it is considering whether to disqualify Gimpel.