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Letters to the editor

Media hold the key to ending massacres

Since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary last month, the papers have been full of ideas for preventing its happening again. I think it would be useful to try to remove the motivation for such attack in the first place.

For the most part, these acts are carried out by one or two youths who are not part of mainstream society and have trouble interacting with others. In most cases, these people planned to die after shooting as many people as they could. In other words, they were making a statement. They knew they would never be successful in life, so they planned to arrange it so they would be remembered in death. And it works.

Recognition is the tool to help stop these attacks. Remove the recognition and you remove the motivation. Stop identifying the people who commit this type of act. Do not publish reports on their names and their families. Don’t waste time trying to tell their story; these scum aren’t worth it. If they are reported only as a “white male, age xx,” you have removed the recognition and the motivation. Why kill a bunch of people and then die if nobody knows it was you? It is a simple plan that costs nothing to implement and if it stops only one person from committing such an act, it will be well worth the effort.

Oh wait. This idea is foolish because it requires the U.S. media to act in a responsible manner. That will never happen. Never mind.


Wide arsenal awaits the determined killer

Yet again we read error-filled tirades/missives from Leonard Goldstein (“NRA invites further carnage,” Jan. 4) and Thomas Sagendorf (“Politicians, NRA an unholy alliance,” Dec. 31) and other people who think like them.

Do they care that under federal law it is a felony for anyone but the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to have or make a list of gun owners if said list at any time can be used as a confiscation list? Or that if someone really wanted to hurt you, there are other ways they could do it just as badly, such as the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City? Or use sarin gas in a subway attack, as in Japan. Or – even in a country that has banned almost all guns – you had a nutcase go on a shooting spree in Dunblaine, Scotland.

You don’t see people trying to sue automakers and distilleries when someone gets drunk and plows into a bus of schoolkids, so why try it with gunmakers? If someone really wants to hurt you, they are going to find a way to do it, and all the laws in the world are not going to stop them. So we need to stop this myth of “big guns” and politicians working together; it is a total lie.

There are laws the politicians have to follow, so if Goldstein, Sagendorf and others want these laws changed, then have them do it the legal way.

DANIEL E. GRAY Defiance, Ohio

Save on statue: Just trim the trees

Let’s think about this. If trees are blocking the view of the Gen. Anthony Wayne statue, trim the trees! A $100,000 relocation expense for the statue is outrageous.


Circus a reminder of animal cruelty

Year after year, and still people flock to the Shrine Circus. For those who attend, remember how those imprisoned animals are forced to become what they are not … to entertain you.

SUSAN BIGGS Columbia City

GOP bluff on cuts isnít paying off

Congressional Republicans have been trying to dupe the president into offering specific details on spending cuts every since he was first elected. Even their recent presidential candidate wouldn’t dare mention one specific detail. Of course, they know that there will be opposition to any specific cuts. Because they are so spineless they continue to hide behind their insistence that “the president lead,” which simply means Republicans want the president to spell out details so they can blame it on him and the Democrats later when the people want to take it out on someone.

Given the fact that Republicans took the House back in 2010 by saying they had learned their lesson on spending during the Bush years, I think specifics are long overdue on just what they’re talking about. I have never ever in my lifetime seen such a cowardly foot-dragging Congress as the 112th was.

I believe our choices ahead are pretty simple. We are going to do more of the same or we’re going to realize that if we don’t have enough money to take care of our own and the rest of the world, then we need to choose one and pay for it. I vote for taking care of our own at home. I remind you: We were doing a fine job of doing just that with Bill Clinton until we got the wild idea that Republicans could do it better. See how that’s been turning out?


ROTC studentsí dedication admirable

Evidently Carolyn Painter (“Rifle fire salute for starting lineup inappropriate in high school gym,” Jan. 8) does not comprehend ROTC. Instead of complaining, Painter should be thankful and grateful that an honor guard is willing to train for possible military service for our country and its freedoms. Perhaps she should attend a ROTC tournament and see firsthand the skill and precision these dedicated students exhibit.

If Painter finds this too horrifying, maybe she should not attend basketball games where ROTC is present. I, for one, am proud of these young people who may one day give their life for us.


Use ĎAmericaní as racial label

I have been seeing much on television lately about how to list the race of children when they are born to parents of different races. I don’t see why this is of any importance at all. Why not just call all children born in the United States something simple like “American” on their birth certificate? In a few years, everybody would be the same – no questions asked.


Treat Congress like misbehaving kids

After reading about the crisis we have in Washington, D.C., and all the add-on pork, I thought I should tell you what my daughter reminded me of.

My kids would make a mess and were told I don’t care who started it or who did what to whom or even if you aren’t responsible for any of it; clean it up. That is what Congress should do. Not the usual way, but by saying they will go across the board and take a percentage off every item. Everyone loses a little and no more name-calling.

Yes, it will hurt. But what do you think most of us are doing already? And it will only get worse if we raise the debt limit to keep on spending. This country is employee-owned and as an American, I am saying no more raises or layoffs, but everyone has to take part in the fix.

Now get to it.