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Web letter by Daniel E. Gray: Plenty of alternative weapons available to the determined killer

Yet again we read error-filled tirades/missives from Leonard Goldstein (“NRA invites further carnage,” Jan. 4) and Thomas Sagendorf (“Politicians, NRA an unholy alliance,” Dec. 31) and other people who think like them.

Do they care that under federal law it is a felony for anyone but the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to have or make a list of gun owners if said list at any time can be used as a confiscation list? Or that if someone really wanted to hurt you, there are other ways they could do it just as badly, such as the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City? Or take a sword and start slicing people left and right and killing some, as happened in London. Or take a knife and cut the throats of adults and kids, as in a school in Tokyo. Or use sarin gas in a subway attack, as in Japan. Or – even in a country that has banned almost all guns – you had a nutcase go on a shooting spree in Dunblaine, Scotland. Or how about the lady who was caught pouring acid on rails and connections of commuter trains in Canada? Or the guy who was caught trying to cross from Vancouver to Seattle, with more than 200 pounds of explosives in his car heading for the LA airport?

People need to wake up from their fantasy world; you don’t see people trying to sue automakers and distilleries when someone gets drunk and plows into a bus of tourists or schoolkids, so why try it with gunmakers? If someone really wants to hurt you, they are going to find a way to do it, and all the laws in the world are not going to stop them. So we need to stop this myth of “big guns” and politicians working together; it is a total lie.

There are laws the politicians have to follow, so if Goldstein, Sagendorf and others want these laws changed, then have them do it the legal way. And by the way, if the Second Amendment deals only with black-powder weapons, then the First deals only with inkwells and quills and soapboxes in the town square, not emails and newspapers. You can’t have it both ways, people.


Defiance, Ohio

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