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    City’s ballet worthyof support all seasonThe recent opening night of the 2014-15 season of the Fort Wayne Ballet, “At The Edge,” can be summed up as creative, fantastic, beautifully executed – a display of
  • Radical GOP messing up US
    It is hard to understand when we hear Republicans may take over Congress. This is the party of do-nothing. What have they done except be against everything? The name of Barack Obama is anathema to some.
  • House GOP agenda oozes insincerity
    The recent assertions by Indiana House Republicans of their 2015 legislative “agenda” aren't parts of an agenda at all.


Ignorance, stupidity drive gun control arguments

Among other things, Richard Moessner (“Responsibilities tied to our rights,” Jan. 6) wrote “ … some people think that because the military has automatic weapons, citizens should be able to have them as well. This is stupid.” Stupid or ignorant?

What’s ignorant are people who do not know the difference between automatic and semi-automatic. Private ownership of unregistered fully automatic weapons is banned by the National Firearms Act of 1968. All the guns in recent tragedies have been semi-automatic.

What’s ignorant are people who think the 27 plainly written words of the Second Amendment are subject to the whims of gutless politicians, a misinformed mainstream media and an emotional public every time a gun tragedy occurs. It is not.

What’s ignorant are people who raise red-herring arguments conflating military weapon systems that can neither be kept nor borne by an individual with those that can.

What’s ignorant are people willing to cast their rights and those of their neighbors aside because of the actions of a few nut jobs.

What’s ignorant is thinking a nut job who probably broke 100 or more laws carrying out his heinous deed is going to be affected by a couple or couple dozen more.

There is an orderly way to amend the Constitution. If it’s time to amend the Constitution with regard to the right of the people to keep and bear arms, let’s have that discussion. However, the rights of the people are not subject to the knee-jerk reaction of an ignorant few who, in the face of tragedy, think the Second Amendment is stupid.


Foreign aid fertile area for budget reduction

With all the talk of the fiscal cliff and raising the debt ceiling, cutting Social Security, Medicare, defense spending and raising taxes, I haven’t heard any congressman talk about cutting foreign aid. The Journal Gazette quotes Sen. Dan Coats as saying: “It’s third-grade math. You cannot raise $2.2 trillion in revenue and spend $3.5 trillion. It’s unsustainable.” Well, it’s first-grade math. You don’t pay your neighbors’ rent (foreign aid) if you cannot afford to pay your own rent (U.S. debt).

JIM FRANKLE Columbia City

Boyd’s social justice an unchristian principle

I guess Kevin Boyd is starting his campaign early against Marlin Stutzman (“Stutzman still touting wrong path,” Jan. 1). Talk about using extremes to communicate. You would think the world is about to end. Woe is me!

No health care for those in need? What about those 65 and older who will experience reduced services in Medicare as money is shifted to pay for increased Medicaid? Talk about robbing Peter to pay Paul. Alas, government workers might have a pay freeze. Have no fear, government workers, as an executive order was signed for you to get a pay raise in 2013 while the rest of America (taxpayers) are wondering whether we are going over a fiscal cliff.

Since when do we label people making $250,000 a year as “millionaires”? I thought those people were considered the middle class in America. Stop using comparisons to the salary standards of the USA and Third World countries. A lot of those millionaires are entertainers, the Warren Buffetts, CEOs, etc. Buffett did propose one thing I agree with – federal spending must be brought under control along with a balanced budget.

What is immoral is coveting what others have and then deciding to take it (social justice) through immoral means. At least that is what my Bible says, Pastor Boyd.

JUDY ROSS Fort Wayne