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    Gerardot has shownempathy for everyoneAs a Christian clergy member in Fort Wayne, I have met with local and state legislators to talk about a variety of issues that affect our community.
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Letters to the editor

Stutzmanís new approach sounds like reheated campaign rhetoric

Rep. Marlin Stutzman’s 13-paragraph letter in “New approach beckons for the new year” (Dec. 16) begged for a response to his less than enlightening approach in addressing his view of a “broken Washington” and identifying the “difficult, honest and hard work” it will take to “tackle these challenges.”

Nine of his 13 paragraphs were devoted primarily to: painting a picture of doom and gloom for Hoosiers; repeating the same old tired and outdated campaign rhetoric and talking points; passing blame to the Senate or the Obama administration; claiming that the House of Representatives passed the only budget that would solve the nation’s economic problems and assuring families and small businesses they would be threatened with higher taxes and uncertainty.

All those paragraphs and he did not suggest what his role has been or will be as our representative in addressing these future crises. Based on his past performance he will predictably and consistently vote lockstep with his party and keep step with the beat of his political contributors and lobbyits’ drums.

Stutzman should stand up, shake the Indiana clay out of his ears and come to the realization that there was an election. The 3rd District sent him back to Washington to actively participate, take action and maybe even lead, to help fix what’s broken.

I feel that the majority of Americans are expecting all elected officials to participate positively, develop a backbone and take responsibility to actively represent the majority of their constituents not just a few big campaign contributors.


Rifle fire salute for starting lineup inappropriate in high school gym

I recently attended a local high school basketball game. The gymnasium was packed with excited and cheering fans.

When it was time for the starting five to be introduced, the fan next to me said, “You might want to cover your ears.”

There was an honor guard on the court with what I assumed were wooden guns. I realized I was wrong as a round of rifle fire was used to salute each starting player as their name was called out.

Yes, they were using blanks, but in this day and age does anyone anywhere need to hear gun fire in a school gymnasium?


NRA stance eschews rational solution

National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre’s radical stance on gun control has redefined NRA. It now stands for “No Rational Answers”.

The lack of reason is frightening and irrational. He says “no” to any restriction because he says “I don’t think it will work.” He doesn’t know that it won’t work; he says he doesn’t think it will work.

Further he says “The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” Has he heard of the Columbine shooting? Two armed good guys were in the school; 12 dead. I’m certain there were armed people at Fort Hood when an alllegedshooter killed multiple soldiers.

I’m all for whatever will work to protect our kids and adults. I suggest multiple efforts: Better identification and treating of mentally and emotionally challenged youth; elimination of sales of assault rifles; and guards in the schools if experts think that will help protect our kids.

And stop giving LaPierre the bully pulpit.


Get legislature to fix malpractice law

Recently, I experienced a situation that should be of concerned to all patients that have had malpractice experiences with their doctors.

I broke my left wrist and was referred to one orthopedic practice for treatment. After the treatment was completed and I was deemed healed, I discovered that my wrist was misaligned because it had not been set properly. The orthopedic practice has refused to take steps to return my wrist to some semblance of normality.

I consulted an attorney to discuss a malpractice lawsuit. This is where I discovered that if you are a patient of malpractice the deck is stacked against you.

The Indiana Medical Malpractice Act is a special law designed to protect doctors and other health care providers.

Where is the protection for the patient? It is up to the Indiana General Assembly to review this act to make the malpractice process more fair not only to the doctor; but, to the patient as well.

I would call on all of our representatives to refuse any donations from the health care lobby in order to garner a more fair law.