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High Schools

  • Canterbury girls roll over Snider in Kilmer
    Darby Maggard had 34 points and 12 assists and Katherine Smith had 16 points and 10 rebounds in Canterbury’s 78-65 girls basketball win over Snider at the Panthers’ Kilmer Classic on Saturday.
  • Luers’ bid for state ends on late kick
    Top-ranked Andrean beat No. 3 Bishop Luers 17-15 Saturday in a 3A semistate at Luersfield as the reigning state champion 59ers earned a trip to the Class 3A state finals.
  • Snider gets sliced up
    A Snider team that had gotten to the Class 5A semistate by forcing its opponents into untimely mistakes was eliminated Friday largely thanks to its own errors.

High schools



Name, schoolgamestotalavg.
Blackmon Jr., Bishop Luers519639.2
Jenkins, Fremont822928.6
Brown, Angola25527.5
VanHorn, Canterbury615926.5
Beachem, New Haven24824.0
Hartman, DeKalb24623.0
Ju. Mitchell, Wayne818022.5
VanMeter, Norwell511022.0
Bry. Scott, Northrop1225120.9
White, Carroll510320.6
Bre. Scott, Northrop1222819.0
Benedict, Columbia City611318.8
Hardin, Leo59418.8
Combs, Adams Central713018.6
Waters, Leo47418.5
Rote, Hamilton814518.1
Reed, Huntington N. 47117.8
McCoy, Garrett610617.7
Reed, Huntington North712217.4
Hinen, Canterbury610317.2
Ray, New Haven23417.0
McCall, Concordia1016816.8
Mann, Lakewood Park610016.7
Denney, Norwell57915.8
Gleason, South Side710915.6
Converset, Hamilton812215.3
Swanigan, Homestead1218315.3
Scheumann, Heritage69115.2
Thompson, Bluffton23015.0
Reimschisel, Blackhawk69015.0
Luginbill, Adams Central710214.6


Name, schoolgamestotalavg.
Swanigan, Homestead1214311.9
Blackmon Jr., Luers55410.8
Martin, Garrett66010.0
Busche, Leo44010.0
Denney, Norwell5489.6
Rote, Hamilton8779.6
Jenkins, Fremont8759.4
Ju. Mitchell, Wayne8678.4
Gleason, South Side7598.4
Combs, Adams Central7578.1
Lambert, Bluffton2168.0
Hogue, New Haven2168.0
Starks, Concordia10767.6
Curry, New Haven2157.5
Baumer, Adams Central7517.3
Bennett, Woodlan7507.1
C. Prible, Bluffton2147.0
Beachem, New Haven2147.0


Name, schoolgamestotalavg.
Macy, DeKalb2178.5
C. Prible, Bluffton2168.0
Williams, Snider6488.0
Claypool, Northrop12695.8
Knapke, Heritage6335.5
Knapke, Heritage6325.3
Hinen, Columbia City6325.3
Gamble, Homestead12635.3
Gerke, Lakewood Park2105.0
MCgettigan, Woodlan6294.8
Moyle, Canterbury6294.8
Gross, Concordia10484.8
Jenkins, Fremont8364.5
Ju. Mitchell, Wayne8344.3
Rogers, Concordia10434.3
Denney, Norwell5214.2
Wharton, Blackhawk3124.0
Beachem, New Havem284.0
Combs, Adams Central7284.0


Name, schoolgamestotalavg.
Jenkins, Fremont8334.1
Kelley, Hamilton8313.9
Knapke, Heritage6233.8
Moyle, Canterbury6223.7
Daub, DeKalb273.5
Crosby, Lakewood Park273.5
Fields, Leo5163.2
Ju. Mitchell, Wayne8253.1
Luginbill, Adams Central7202.9
Hinen, Columbia City6172.8
Bry. Scott, Northrop12322.7
Corcimiglia, Fremont8202.5
Jones, South Side6152.5
White, Woodlan6152.5
Rogers, Concordia10242.4
Marshall, Garrett6142.3
Williams, South Side6142.3
Rogers, Luers492.3
White, Carroll5112.2
Vice, Central Noble5112.2
Converset, Hamilton5112.2
Claypool, Northrop12252.1
Bre. Scott, Northrop12252.1
Gamble, Homestead12252.1


Name, schoolgamestotalavg.
Ki. Knafel, Wawasee1128525.9
Sy. Buck, Homestead817521.9
T. Seiss, Leo1021621.6
Farley, Canterbury1225221.0
R. Faur, Lakewood Park612120.2
Dawson, Garrett1121419.5
Fincher, Canterbury1223019.2
Maggard, Canterbury1221918.3
Bley, Homestead23618.0
Martin, DeKalb712317.6
R. Rinehart, Angola1119117.4
Simmons, South Side46817.0
Christman, Dwenger1016716.7
D. Wimby, Snider69616.0
Smith, Concordia812215.3
Richardson, West Noble1319815.2
Peterson, West Noble1319214.8
Gary, Leo1014714.7
Swary, Northrop710314.7
Walker-Crawford, Warsaw1116014.5
Price, Woodlan1115614.2
Chalfant, Blackhawk1013913.9
Peterson, Carroll1215813.2
Grubb, Angola1114313.0
White, Fremont1215512.9


Name, schoolgamestotalavg.
Martin, DeKalb79814.0
Gary, Leo1012812.8
Chalfant, Blackhawk1011311.3
Dawson, Garrett1112311.2
Fiechter, Adams Central3279.0
Richardson, West Noble131179.0
Grose, Warsaw11958.6
German, Homestead8688.5
A. Reimbold, Luers131108.5
White, Fremont121018.4
Rhonehouse, Fremont12988.2
Clopton, South Side4328.0
Whiteleather, Columbia City8648.0
Fincher, Canterbury12968.0
Whiteleather, Columbia City6467.7
Henry, Blackhawk10767.6
Gibson, Dwenger10757.5
Price, Woodlan11827.5
Swary, Northrop7527.4
Hostetler, Woodlan11797.2
Sichling, Fremont11787.1


Name, schoolgamestotalAvg.
Fisher, Homestead8688.5
Noel, South Side4205.0
A. Butler, Luers13634.8
Wisel, Garrett11484.4
Jenkins, Dwenger10444.4
R. Rinehart, Angola11484.4
Wilson, Norwell7304.3
D. Wimby, Snider6254.2
Beer, Leo10424.2
Hostetler, Woodlan11464.2
C. Craig, Whitko8334.1
Johnson, South Side4153.8
Poynter, Carroll12453.8
Peterson, West Noble113483.7
Sherburne, Fremont12433.6
Rhonehouse, Fremont12433.6
E. Butler, Luers12383.2
Adams, Leo10303.0
Seabeck, Blackhawk10303.0
Gaines, Canterbury12363.0
E. Butler, Luers13382.9


Name, schoolgamestotalAvg.
R. Rinehart, Angola11544.9
Peterson, West Noble13594.5
Fisher, Homestead8344.3
Gary, Leo10404.0
Fiechter, Adams Central3124.0
Bley, Homestead144.0
T. Seiss, Leo10393.9
C. Craig, Whitko8313.9
Wilson, Norwell7243.4
Gaines, Canterbury12373.1
Young, Concordia7223.1
German, Homestead6183.0
Smith, Concordia7213.0
Moonen, Blackhawk10303.0
Rhonehouse, Fremont12352.9
Knapke, Heritage10292.9
Bradtmuller, Heritage10282.8
A. Butler, Luers13352.7
Seabeck, Blackhawk10272.7
Baker, Warsaw11302.7
Fincher, Canterbury12312.6
Frisch, Norwell7182.6
E. Rinehart, Angola11292.6
Hostetler, Woodlan11262.4
Carter, Southern Wells11252.3
Walker-Crawford, Warsaw11242.2