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  • Letters
    Road work 95% done;residents 100% satisfiedAlmost all the streets in the Crown Colony Addition have been in tremendous need of repair.
  • Expanded ASH Centre a wide-ranging Legacy
    Every year now, 2,000 kids participate in the World Baseball Academy’s Hoosier Classic amateur youth baseball tournaments in the heart of our city.
  • Smith's special insights will be greatly missed
    Ben Smith possessed a unique ability to write about sports. The emphasis was always on the human, never on numbers. He recently thanked the Inskeeps (Richard and Julie) for “putting up” with him for 38 years.

Letters to the editor

Come together for change

When are we going to get serious about dealing with gun violence? We can readily agree that our national and state legislators, the “other” party, our state or local law enforcement officers, mayors, governors or surely our administration leaders should do something.

But what about us? What have we committed ourselves to do besides complain? More than half of our eligible voters chose not to vote in our recent presidential election. The rest of us elected a president and a new Congress. Did that conclude our involvement in the affairs of this nation “of the people, by the people and for the people”? Will these leaders ever hear from us unless we’re personally offended by their actions?

We often decry the partisan bickering of the last inept Congress, but do we do any better in our own often-uncivil discourse? Perhaps we need to ask some different kinds of questions of ourselves, such as:

•Where can we make a start together on dealing with some agreed-on need for change?

•What things can we keep on the table while we continue our discussion together on this issue?

•What positive priorities can we establish together?

•Where must my perceived rights and preferences be modified for the higher good of protecting the future of our children and other vulnerable or dependent neighbors?

•Can we make a new beginning together – for a change?


Politicians’ minds closed on guns

The Dec. 19 front-page article was titled “Gun talk, not new curbs, wins area reps’ unanimity.” Sadly, Sen. Dan Coats and Reps. Joe Donnelly and Marlin Stutzman have already decided they will not support curbs on the sale of weapons of mass murder. So then what is the purpose of “gun talk”? “Gun talk” must be when spineless, weepy-eyed, NRA-funded politicians get in front of TV cameras and announce that they are praying for the innocent victims of these weapons of mass murder. News flash: It’s too late then.


Parking fines downtown disincentive

I think it is wonderful that the city is raising parking rates. It is about time that the city encouraged locals to flock to the malls where parking is free. This is one more reason to avoid going downtown.

Maybe we should eliminate the whole parking department instead of forcing folks away from downtown. I haven’t seen any numbers on income/expense – only that we have to keep up with the Joneses.

Has the city surveyed the local downtown business owners to ask what they want?


Moses set standards high

I hope Win Moses does not disappear entirely from public service. If his defeat is the end of Win Moses’ public-service career, it is indeed a loss for the Fort Wayne community and for all Hoosiers. I have fond memories of working for Moses when he was mayor. His energy, openness to innovative ideas, down-to-earth personality and compassion for all of his constituents established a standard I have rarely found in other elected public leaders.

JESS YODER San Francisco

Anti-fracking laws needed now

I just completed viewing the documentary “Gasland.” It explains the fatal danger of the process of natural gas extraction called fracking.

I am totally disgusted that this insane practice is being tolerated. People have had their drinking wells poisoned. Some can hold a match or lighter to their kitchen water spigots and cause an explosion. People are becoming deathly ill from the poisons used in fracking. “Gasland” displays horses and cats that have lost their hair after being exposed to the contaminated water on their land.

Our legislators have been elected to protect and serve us. The Environmental Protection Agency is supposed to ensure that the environment is not being abused. This whole ordeal reminds me of what the people of Easter Island did to cause their self-annihilation.

Please help stop this insidious raping of Mother Earth by contacting your legislators, state and federal, and demanding that they enact laws to protect our drinking water. We do not have another source of water for our survival. Water is more important than having natural gas. It is imperative to make haste – do not delay.