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Police and fire

  • Driver rescued from burning SUV
    A man was in serious but stable condition after he lost control of his SUV, it struck several trees and then caught fire, according to the DeKalb County Sheriff's Department.The driver, Scott A.
  • 3rd man charged in bar shooting at Peanuts arrested
    A third man charged in a shooting three weeks ago at a north-side bar was arrested Saturday.The Fort Wayne police Gang and Violent Crimes Unit arrested Demanuel Tompkins at 4:46 p.m.
  • 3rd man arrested in north-side bar shooting
    A third man charged in a shooting three weeks ago at a north-side bar was arrested, police announced late Saturday.The Fort Wayne police Gang and Violent Crimes Unit arrested Demanuel Tompkins at 4:

Crime reports

This chart lists crimes through Dec. 25 investigated by the Fort Wayne Police Department including homicides, burglaries, robberies, stolen vehicles and thefts from vehicles. Because of the department’s reporting policies, an attempted robbery or burglar

Sector 11
12/20MidnightTheft from vehicle600 Coliseum Blvd. E.
12/2011:38 p.m.Theft from vehicleUnknown
12/213:51 a.m.Burglary1300 Spy Run Ave.
12/213:21 p.m.Burglary3800 Coldwater Road
12/234 p.m.Burglary1200 Wefel St.
Sector 12
12/1912:39 a.m.Burglary1800 St. Marys Ave.
12/204:30 p.m.Burglary1400 Oakland St.
12/206 p.m.Theft from vehicle1300 Franklin Ave.
12/212 a.m.Theft from vehicle1900 High St.
12/229 p.m.Burglary1800 Clover Lane
Sector 13
12/1910 p.m.Theft from vehicle1100 Irene Ave.
12/20MidnightTheft from vehicle2500 Ethel Ave.
12/203 a.m.Theft from vehicle2600 Ethel Ave.
Sector 14
12/22MidnightTheft from vehicle7800 Grayfield Court
12/23NoonTheft from vehicle2600 River Park Drive
Sector 15
12/19MidnightTheft from vehicle6800 Raintree Road
12/197:18 a.m.Theft from vehicle5200 Industrial Road
12/198:40 a.m.Theft from vehicle1600 E. Cook Road
12/203:20 a.m.Vehicle theft800 W. Washington Center Road
12/202:30 p.m.Burglary4900 Northcrest Drive
12/214:30 p.m.Theft from vehicle900 Dartmouth Court
12/2210 p.m.Theft from vehicle6000 Westhampton Drive
12/2210 p.m.Theft from vehicle6100 Dartmouth Drive
12/2210 p.m.Theft from vehicle6000 Westhampton Drive
12/2211 p.m.Theft from vehicle1000 Buckingham Drive
12/234:30 a.m.Theft from vehicle800 Elnora Drive
Sector 16
12/193:30 p.m.Burglary3300 Coliseum Blvd. W.
Sector 19
12/214 p.m.Theft from vehicle10800 Coldwater Road
Sector 21
12/19MidnightTheft from vehicle1900 Crescent Ave.
12/192 a.m.Vehicle theft1700 St. Joseph Blvd.
12/194 p.m.Burglary1800 Kentucky Ave.
12/2112:42 a.m.Burglary2800 E. State Blvd.
12/2112:42 a.m.Burglary2300 Beacon St.
12/22NoonBurglary2700 Crescent Ave.
12/234 p.m.Burglary900 Crescent Ave.
Sector 22
12/238 p.m.Burglary4600 Heatherwind Drive
Sector 24
12/218 p.m.Burglary5100 Truemper Way
Sector 26
12/1910:34 p.m.Burglary6200 St. Joe Road
Sector 31
12/1910 p.m.Burglary1200 Wilt St.
Sector 32
12/195:08 p.m.Burglary900 Lincoln Ave.
12/20MidnightTheft from vehicle2500 Miner St.
12/209:31 a.m.Burglary2400 Miner St.
12/218 a.m.Burglary600 W. Creighton Ave
12/2212:42 p.m.Theft from vehicle300 W. Packard Ave.
12/2312:30 p.m.Theft from vehicle2100 S. Harrison St.
12/232 p.m.Burglary2700 Broadway
12/2411 p.m.Burglary1100 Park Ave.
12/25MidnightBurglary2000 Phenie St.
Sector 33
12/2010:57 a.m.Burglary2100 Ontario St.
Sector 34
12/22MidnightBurglary5600 Illinois Road
12/238 a.m.Burglary1600 N. Glendale Drive
Sector 35
12/211 a.m.Burglary1100 Nuttman Ave.
12/247 p.m.Burglary4300 S. Harrison St.
Sector 36
12/1911 p.m.Theft from vehicle1000 Eastlawn Drive
Sector 41
12/2111:46 a.m.Theft from vehicle1500 E. Berry St.
12/2211 a.m.Burglary1400 Lillie St.
Sector 42
12/1912:42 a.m.Burglary2000 Greentree Court
12/247:44 p.m.Burglary2100 Eden St.
Sector 43
12/195 p.m.Theft from vehicle2000 E. Wayne Trace
12/196 p.m.Theft from vehicle3000 Wayne Trace
12/205:30 p.m.Theft from vehicle3300 Euclid Ave.
12/2310 a.m.Vehicle theft2700 Queen St.
Sector 44
12/196 p.m.Burglary400 Wiebke St.
12/198:48 p.m.Homicide3100 Reed St.
12/208 p.m.Burglary3000 Smith St.
Sector 45
12/206 a.m.Burglary1100 Capitol Ave.
12/208 a.m.Burglary3900 Gaywood Drive
12/209 a.m.Burglary4000 S. Hanna St.
12/207:04 p.m.Burglary5400 Southern Court
12/2112:30 p.m.Burglary4700 Holton Ave.
12/2110 p.m.Burglary4000 Holton Ave.
12/2411:40 p.m.BurglaryGlencoe Avenue and

Lafayette Esplanade

12/251 p.m.Vehicle theft4700 S. Lafayette St.
Sector 46
12/193:33 p.m.Burglary4100 Hessen Cassel Road
12/226 p.m.Burglary2500 Marcy Lane
12/246 p.m.Theft from vehicle2600 Priscilla Lane
Sector 47
12/197 p.m.Theft from vehicle8400 Bridgeway Blvd.
12/2012:20 p.m.Burglary1400 E. Tillman Road
12/211 a.m.Vehicle theft300 E. Hoover Drive
12/228:30 p.m.Burglary8400 Lakeside Drive
Sector 48
12/195 p.m.Burglary7100 Chadwick Drive
12/23MidnightTheft from vehicle5800 Turtle Creek Drive
Sector 49
12/21MidnightTheft from vehicle100 W. Wayne St.
Sector Unknown
12/216:49 p.m.BurglaryBowser Ave.