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    ‘Greatest nation’ isshallow in showing itSo often I see what appear at first glance to be demonstrations of my fellow citizens’ pride in America.
  • Drivers inconsiderate of funeral processions
    I want to discuss proper funeral procession etiquette. I was leaving a funeral on Oct. 3, traveling down West Jefferson Boulevard to Covington Road.
  • Sign theft constitutes unneighborly act
    We always thought of Fort Wayne as a town that could pride itself on being neighborly. Being a good neighbor means caring about others.


1.3 million voters spoke loudly about education

Glenda Ritz received 1.3 million votes for state superintendent of public instruction

We the people of Indiana spoke loudly against the attack on our public education system and our teachers.

Just think if that 1.3 million people had voted for Democrat John Gregg for governor, we would not be having this debate about why Superintendent of Public Education Tony Bennett lost the election.

He lost because we are sick of our tax dollars going to vouchers and charter schools, which send our money to for-profit, private education companies that are failing.

The Journal Gazette recently showed how badly charter schools are doing. Everyone of them failed. The public schools improved, the charters are at the bottom of the list. And the private companies are still taking our money.

When you do your taxes and you get back $110 for singles or $220 for couples from the budget surplus, remember it came from huge cuts in education and child safety.


Enough with celebrities spouting their opinions

Bob Costas’ rant at halftime of NBC Sports “Sunday Night Football” game concerning the murder of Kasandra Perkins by Kanas City Chief Jovan Belcher was, to say the least, inane and out of place. So, according to Bob, in his infinite wisdom, if there were no gun involved, both parties would be alive today.

Come on, man. You mean to say that a 240-pound NFL player could not have done any violence to his girlfriend?

Why do we have to be subjected to TV personalities (Costas), movie stars (e.g. Barbra Streisand and Sean Penn) sports stars or anybody else who think it is a special right to pontificate about anything?

Just because a person can act, or play a particular sport well or has a great persona on the air does not mean they deserve to be taken seriously.


Citilink rider knows perils motorists pose

I read Darren Hunt’s letter, “IPFW walkers needs to remember the basics” (Nov. 23), about IPFW and the car-pedestrian troubles.

He was right about one thing – pedestrians do have the right of way, but it’s rarely ever visible. I can relate because I’m a Citilink bus rider and I have to cross the street where the crosswalk is.

I see a lot of things drivers do to block me from crossing the street:

•They move up onto the crosswalk that pedestrians are supposed to be able to use

•They turn right or left without looking for a pedestrian walking across the street

•They go against the light to make their turn and almost hit a pedestrian in the crosswalk.

I’ve dealt with the last issue a lot.

I’ve been hit by cars before and it’s when I have the right of way; even the rules of the road states that pedestrians have the right of way first.

I think a number of these drivers need to change places with pedestrians for one day and see if they can see it from my angle.