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  • Letters
    Goliath can be laid lowin 3rd District race Goliath was a giant with heavy armor. David was young with five stones.
  • Letters
    Goliath can be laid lowin 3rd District raceGoliath was a giant with heavy armor. David was young with five stones. Most believed Goliath would win the fight, but David did.
  • Pence overstepped with his CECI foray
    I was amused at the letter from Jackie Dowd and Claire Fiddian-Green (Oct. 6). They claim that not only did they meet the reversions requirement but exceeded it.

Letters to the editor

Associated Press

Aqua Indiana not worth continual rate hikes

This letter is in response to the piece by Tom Bruns (“Aqua Indiana seeks accommodation,” Nov. 26).

I was offended by his statement that only 12,000 households are affected; after all, 12,000 households represents way more than 12,000 people. We are residents of the city and should have city water. Until moving to Aboite Township six years ago, we had lived in Fort Wayne since 1975 and never had any issues with water pressure or quality. Now, despite still being in the city, our water is the pits.

Aqua Indiana has had significant rate hikes in recent years without significant corresponding improvement in water quality. The company seemed pleased to report in one communication to our home that water quality improved by going from “very hard” to “hard.” I am underwhelmed!

Until we got a water softener and water purifier filter installed, our dishwasher was caked with mineral deposits in the bottom. I can only imagine what our other appliances look like inside. It took several wash cycles with Lime-A-Way to clean it out. Some of our glassware is still etched from the water.

We did not want to drink the softened water so we installed a purifier on a dedicated faucet in the kitchen for drinking and cooking as well as the ice maker. All of this comes at substantial cost on top of the already exorbitant water bills.

I wish the city well in its efforts to get city water for all city residents. Even if our rates do not go down as the mayor suggests, we at least would have good water.


Stavretiís legacy goes far beyond baseball

All the stories I have seen talked about the career Chris Stavreti had as a coach of baseball. He left a lasting impression on hundreds of young men. Let me tell you about the other side of Chris.

He was a loving and faithful husband to Dottie for more than 50 years as well as a doting father to Sherri. He was as good a friend as I had, and he was always there when I or others needed help or advice. He was closer to his brother Carl then anyone else he knew.

On the field he was serious, but we had many unusual characters during our tenure at the University of Miami. As we ventured to various golf courses in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan during the season, we would recall stories and the stoic Chris, who would be driving, would laugh so hard tears would run down his face. He was a great audience for “remember when” tales.

I was with Chris several times when he would be stopped for a small infraction. He would always get out and approach the police, and I never remembering him getting a ticket.

When I met his former players, they all had stories that showed a deep and abiding respect for him as a coach and teacher. I hope they had the opportunity to see the side of him his friends saw. Sitting with him these last few weeks was difficult as this disease ravaged his body, and watching him take his last few breaths was sort of a relief.

He will be missed and not forgotten by those who loved him not because of his career but because of the person he was.

MIKE McCOY Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame University of Miami Sports Hall of Fame

Obama recovery plan bets against history

President Obama defeated Mitt Romney, but the 80/20 rule will be an economic lesson for Obama.

The rule has been universal in business and organizations. It cuts across demographics, companies and situations. It goes like this: “80 percent of sales come from 20 percent of your customers or products.” This can be carried over to many applications. An example: “80 percent of tax revenue comes from 20 percent of taxpayers” or “80 percent of donations come from 20 percent of a school’s alumni.” If I can destroy the 20 percent, I can destroy a company, tax revenue stream or school fund raiser.

Obama feels immune to this rule. He is attacking health care, banking, energy, manufacturing and others in a way that attacks the 20 percent of profitable areas. Doctors are bad if they make too much money, corporations are bad if they have a corporate jet, energy companies are bad if they make profits.

When you destroy the 20 percent, you destroy all incentive.

The population of the US is 315 million, and Obama received 63 million votes. So 80 percent of Americans did not vote for him; 20 percent did. Social justice and other redistribution schemes pretend this universal truth does not exist.

Obama has built his economic recovery on the theory that the 80/20 rule does not apply to his policies. Time will tell.


Struck deer deserved more humane death

On a recent evening I was driving down Coldwater Road from Dupont Road to Northrop. Ahead of me I saw the flashing lights of police cars, so I slowed as I approached what I assumed was an accident, what with the traffic piled up behind as cars trickled passed.

As I approached I saw at least two police officers and a couple of civilians standing around between the two police vehicles and an SUV. As I slowly passed I realized they were standing around a deer that had been struck by the SUV – severely injured, but not dead. She was trying to stand up to get away, but couldn’t get much more than an inch at a time, and she certainly wasn’t getting to her feet.

I understand there could be ramifications for discharging a weapon with all those civilian vehicles and all those innocent bystanders, but I don’t understand letting that innocent deer just writhe in pain. By the way traffic was backed up they’d be there for a while, and the deer had been hit some time before the officers arrived. With each passing car another person saw at least four people standing around talking, putting no effort into helping the dying animal.

It was disgusting – inhumane people watching an animal die. Slowly. Painfully. People who could have done something about it and did nothing.


Maryland utility grateful for help with cleanup

When Hurricane Sandy was bearing down on the East Coast, our company knew there would be heavy damage and widespread power outages throughout central Maryland – too much for any one utility to hope to handle. We put out the advance request for help through utility mutual assistance networks.

We are grateful that Asplundh Tree Experts and AEP answered our call and joined a force of nearly 2,000 utility workers in our time of need. These skilled and selfless professionals left their loved ones and traveled hundreds of miles to participate in our restoration effort. For that we are humbled and thankful.

Many utility crews who helped with our recovery continued north, along with our own crews, to assist communities still struggling to recover. We keep them in our thoughts and prayers for a safe return to their homes soon.

Thank you to every member of the Asplundh and AEP teams who worked tirelessly, safely and quickly to restore service to hundreds of thousands of customers. Our appreciation extends especially to the loved ones who were apart from their family members and no doubt worried for their safety.

Know that should the need ever arise for out-of-state utility support in your community, Baltimore Gas and Electric Company stands ready to answer the call.

KENNETH W. DeFONTES JR. President and CEO Baltimore Gas and Electric Co.

GOPís foot-dragging may cost coverage

There are two issues we need to lobby with our elected representatives. The federal issue is the fiscal cliff. We, especially with our tea party representative, Marlin Stutzman, need to make him understand that a balanced approach is needed to fix America’s current financial crisis.

The state issue is Indiana’s response to the health care reform law. Gov. Mitch Daniels, following Gov.-elect Mike Pence’s lead, has determined that Indiana will not set up a state as will be required in 2014. Pence says cost is his primary reason. Nonsense! I suspect his radical tea party views are the real reason.

Pence owes us an explanation of his decision and an explanation of why he decided to abdicate his responsibility.

More important is what I expect will be Pence’s refusal to expand Medicaid as provided. He will do this despite federal taxpayers paying 100 percent of the cost for the first three years and never less than 90 percent. That percentage is far higher than the federal taxpayers’ portion currently paid for Medicaid in Indiana.

Make no mistake, that decision will lead to the unnecessary suffering and death of many Indiana citizens.

In addition, it is likely to lead to Indiana’s being less attractive to employers than states that do expand their Medicaid coverage and get all that federal taxpayer money.

The Affordable Care Act has been the law for more than 2 1/2 years. It is time for conservative Republicans to begin working with health care providers and the federal government on its implementation, and it’s time for all of us to make those Republicans do just that.


Charisma true key in presidential vote

Could it be that it’s not the economy, stupid?

Think about this. In every presidential election since (not including) 1972 (Nixon v. McGovern), the candidate with more charisma has won. Or, looking at it the other way, the candidate with less charisma has lost.

Don’t believe it? Here’s proof:

1976…Carter v. Ford

1980…Reagan v. Carter

1984…Reagan v. Mondale

1988 …G. H.W. Bush v. Dukakis

1992…Clinton v. G.H.W. Bush

1996…Clinton v. Dole

2000…G.W. Bush v. Gore

2004…G.W. Bush v. Kerry

2008…Obama v. McCain

2012…Obama v. Romney

That’s 10 elections in a row. I rest my case.

JIM COX Van Wert