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  • Many factors influence our changing climate
    Many scientists subscribe to the global warming theory (now called “climate change”), but science is not determined by consensus but by facts.
  • Take full advantage of preventive screenings
    The pink of breast cancer awareness month has faded away, but that doesn't mean we should become complacent about the prevention, detection and treatment of breast cancer – or any other cancer, for that matter.
  • Violence victims deserve a holiday
    After observing another Veterans Day go by, I was happy to see how this holiday has positively progressed over time. A lot of TV commercials had messages honoring our vets.

Letters to the editor

Fort4Fitness a boon for charity partners

In September, Fort Wayne celebrated the fifth annual Fort4Fitness. This is one of my favorite community events. It brings together people of all ages and abilities. It also unites the corporate and nonprofit community. It is an event to be celebrated.

This year, Fort4Fitness provided nonprofits the opportunity to become charity partners. Turnstone was accepted as a partner, and the experience was amazing. Organizers kept the agency informed as to who had joined their team, provided a reunion area on race day and offered incentives to charities to grow their teams.

More than 130 people ran, walked and rolled as part of Team Turnstone. The team also united to raise funds for Turnstone. Together, they raised more than $20,000.

We received numerous emails from team members about what a joy it was to take part. Many of these individuals were participating in an organized run or walk or roll for the first time. And, they signed up because they wanted to be part of a team – Team Turnstone. Team Turnstone’s story was an experience shared by many of the Fort4Fitness charity partners.

I applaud the volunteers, who traveled with those using wheelchairs, the thoughtful and kind organizers and the dedicated board of Fort4Fitness. They are making a difference in our community. They are giving people of all abilities the chance to shine, to excel and know the joy of being part of a community event. See you on race day 2013!

NANCY LOURAINE Executive director Turnstone Center for Children and Adults with Disabilities

‘Lake Little Turtle’ would fix issues

If $500,000 of the city’s Legacy Fund is going to be spent on a study of using the rivers, then it should consider the following idea: relocation of the Hosey Dam and construction of Lake Little Turtle to the south of Fort Wayne with a high-water overflow wetland corridor and bike trail along the transformed Trier Ditch to connect the southeast with the rest of the city.

The benefits include flood control, recreation, opportunity for economic development, electric power from the new dam and considerable net environmental improvements. The study needs to view the rivers separately from the current putrid reservoir downtown that will still be filthy after the sewer separation because of the state of the drainage area coming in. Downtown will be vastly improved with natural rivers rather than an agricultural catch basin.

Lake Little Turtle would be built with abundant wetlands to clean the agricultural and other runoff coming to Fort Wayne so the downtown rivers will once again be the sparkle in the eyes of Little Turtle’s people, our children.


Mourdock’s defeat was preordained

First, I would like to congratulate Joe Donnelly on his victory in the race for Indiana’s U.S. Senate seat.

And I would like to thank Hoosier voters for rejecting extremism and arrogance in our politics.

Finally, I know Richard Mourdock is struggling with this loss. He should look at it this way: It’s definitely something that God intended to happen.

JAY A. SHOWALTER Bloomington

Lowlights abound in Campaign 2012

If resorting to swearing grannies, sexual innuendo in the case of first-time voters, playing the race card and soliciting entertainers such as Kid Rock (who have a reputation that necessitates parental-advisory labels), are any indication of what motivates voters to align themselves with a particular candidate or party, I can only conclude that while Beggars Night and Election Day have passed, Americans will still (to borrow from a 1970s song) have “clowns to the left of them and jokers to the right.”


VA, other hospitals all give quality care

In regard to a letter by Danny Walchle letter (“Suggestion for vets a money-saver,” Nov. 12): I have received care from the Fort Wayne VA hospital. I have also received care at other hospitals in Fort Wayne. I have not received sub-par treatment from any of these hospitals. I am grateful to all who work at our local VA hospital. I have received excellent care from all at the VA hospital. I am fortunate they are there for me and for fellow vets.

I am not here to profess what works best for taxpayers and veterans’ care. Marshall D. Springer’s letter (“A way to upgrade veterans’ care,” Oct. 31) is thought-provoking.

I would ask anyone who might be inclined to please pray for our troops’ healing, physical and mental.


Fort Wayne

City ‘passionate about right things’

I moved here a little over a year ago for a job, not knowing anything about Fort Wayne besides it was where I normally got gas on my way to Indianapolis from my home in Michigan.

Many of my friends and family thought I was crazy and kept asking whether I knew what I was doing. To be honest, I didn’t. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, and as I pulled away from the life I had known for more than a decade, I wondered, “What the heck am I doing?” through watery eyes.

I quickly found out how great a place Fort Wayne can be. I found the people are incredibly passionate about all the right things: the pursuit of culture with downtown activities and festivals, the incredible trails and biking community (I was always shocked to see people downtown riding bikes late into the evening), the activities for families and the network of amazing young professionals, just to name a few.

Fort Wayne has done such an amazing job with the resources at its fingertips. From someone who has lived in many places all over the country, some small cities and others very large, Fort Wayne is truly an amazing place to call home and I see it moving in the right direction.

Although my time here is up, I must say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you to the people of Fort Wayne and to the many that I now call friends. I will miss you and thank you for a year of growth that I know I could not have done anywhere else.