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Heads up! Supermoon is here

Because our celestial neighbor is relatively close to Earth, these full moons will appear to be unusually large. That distance varies because the moon follows an elliptical orbit. When it’s close and full, it appears bigger and brighter than normal, although the difference can be hard to detect.

Fort Wayne Tincaps vs. South Bend Silver Hawks

Fort Wayne Tincaps play their second game in a four game series against the South Bend Silver Hawks.

DINING OUT Coney Island

Restraurant critic Ryan DuVall takes a look at Coney Island as it celebrates 100 years in Fort Wayne.

Fort Wayne's 'hot men'

This is a gallery of men nominated as Fort Wayne's "hot men."

AP PHOTOS: Finding summer solace in New Delhi park

In the summer, when 100-degree days are normal, the heat indoors is choking. So in the evenings, thoughts often turn to India Gate, where the breeze blows across the grass and there’s always something interesting to watch.

USA vs. Belgium world cup viewing at Parkview Field

Parkview Field hosted a free public viewing of the USA vs. Belgium soccer world cup.


A look at what restaurant critic Ryan DuVall enjoyed at Noa Noa Wood Grill and Sushi in Warsaw.